The American War Bride Experience

GI Brides of World War II

Ginette Huerta - French Warbride

Ginette was born in Paris, France. She met her GI husband and married him On 3rd November 1946, in France, after a courtship with her husband since Christmas 1945.

Ginette had a wonderful wedding, the entourage went to the Mairie in a convoy of 5 jeeps. Ginette said that she had to go before the Mayor at the Mairie with her witnesses before she could go to the church.

Then on to the church where she was married by her priest and an American chaplain. The reception was given by her father at a hotel near the middle of town. In the evening all their invited friends, French and American soldiers had another reception party given by her husbands commander.

Ginette's wedding dress was made from 5 yards of parachute silk that he husband had got through the PX stores, the dress was made by her best friend, her veil was leased and a neighbor let her borrow a pearl necklace. Her shoes and her bouquet were the only new things bought that she had, and they were bought for her by her parents.

Ginette said that she had 8 cakes baked by German prisoners of war and a band of all American Soldiers played for them. This was followed by a honeymoon of five days in the city of Tours.

Ginette travelled from LeHavre on the S.S. Vulcania to New York and then travelled on to Texas.

Out of her wedding dress, Ginette made her son a long baptism dress which he wore at the age of 2 months. She also made herself a dressed blouse out of the top of the dress.

One month after 50th wonderful years and an Anniversary party given by her four children, which was beautiful, her husband passed away.

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