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GI Brides of World War II


Baby-boomer Hilary Kaiser was born in New York City but grew up in San Francisco, California. The daughter of a member of the U.S. Diplomatic Corps, she lived as a teenager in France for three years with her parents. Returning to the U.S. for college, she earned a B.A. degree in French and English from San Francisco State University and spent her “junior year abroad” at Trinity College, Dublin. Following her marriage to a French Fulbright scholar who was studying in the U.S., she returned to Paris, where she continued her graduate work in Anglophone Studies. After obtaining a Maîtrise, she went on to receive the CAPES and then a DEA and a doctoral degree from the University of Paris VII. She taught for a number of years in the international section of the Lycée de Sèvres and then became a Maître de Conférences at the University of Paris-Sud. Her current fields of interest are bi-culturalism, intercultural communication and intercultural management. She has given lectures on French and American culture and business practices at various business schools in France and as a visiting Erasmus/Socrates lecturer at universities in Spain, Finland and Ireland. An amateur historian, she is fascinated by World War II and is an oral history practitioner and writer.

Ms Kaiser is the author of two books: Des Amours de GI’s: les petites françaises du Débarquement (Tallandier, 2004) and Souvenirs de Veterans (original version in English : Veteran Recall: Americans in France Remember the War, Bayeux, 2004). She is currently working on a third book about children of GI’s and French women after World War II. When Des Amours de GI’s appeared in bookshops in May 2004, she was invited to speak on Europe 1, France Inter, RFI and other radio stations in Paris, as well as on “Repères de l’Histoire” on France 5 television. She was also interviewed by various journalists in the French press. An article Ms Kaiser wrote on French war brides was published in the May 2004 issue of L’Histoire, and she was invited to give talks on French war brides at the Mémorial Museum in Caen and at other venues in France. She has also published a number of articles on American religious groups and the American presence in France in the Revue française des Etudes américaines and American Studies International.


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