The American War Bride Experience

GI Brides of World War II

When USASOS Moved to Brisbane –
or on the Ball

When USASOS moved to Brisbane, the set-up was just swell, The men lived in the Barracks, and the girls lived there as well, But just to make things awkward, as armies always do, They put the Brisbane Golf Links right between the two.

The boys just didn’t like it, and one was heard to say, Allied so-operation wasn’t meant to be this way, So they put their heads together and a solution soon was found, And now those self-same Golf Links are their happy hunting ground.

So when the jot sun sinks at last behind the 19th hole, And Bugle notes call out to bring the Flag down from its pole, From Gregory Terrace there appears a never-ending stream, Of wolves who come to meet the lovely ladies of their dreams.

Now G-I needn’t worry, our morals are all intact, I know you won’t believe me, but I tell you it’s a fact; For there’s something more effective than the biggest tough M. P. And that’s an Aussie mossie no bigger than a flea.

The Head-on spots the couple, as they seek their favourite tree, And rushes off to tell the rest, who buzz with fiendish glee; Attacking in formation, they blitz the luckless pair, And very shortly afterwards, there ain’t nobody there.

Now the men from Gregory Terrace are as tough as they are hard, They would scoff at barbed wire fences, and chuckle at the Guard, They’d snap their fingers at the General’s blackest frown, But the Brisbane Golf Links mossies really got them down.

G-I looked on from Building one and chuckled with delight, To see the men in Barracks so early in at night; The girls sat there with drooping lips, and wished there were at home Were mosquitoes are romantic, and leave a girl alone.

But G-I didn’t reckon on Man’s Ingenuity, For invention is the offspring of sheer necessity. And if you think the man is smart who first dreamed up a car, He’s got nothing on the guy who brought the first mosquito bar.

Now every evening, just at dusk, a wondrous sight is seen, For just between the fairways and not quite on the green, You’ll see them pitch their bars like tents, ‘neath trees both short and tall, And that’s what Yanks mean when they say they’re – “really on the ball”!

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