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From the St. Louis Post-Disparch, May 14, 2001

Notice to all Veterans

(Wartime or Peacetime)
Until Further Notice

Free Veterans Casket

St. Louis has a National Cemetery
Don't Pay For Burial Costs
You and your spouse are Entitles to a Free Burial at a National Cemetery. Even if you own cemetery lots in another cemetery, you can still receive your free Veterans casket information.

Importants: Act now, fill out and mail today. They will provide complete details without any obligation on your part.

Mail Today:
Planning and Service
Veterans Division
2000 N. Pennsylvania Ave.
St. Louis, MO 63133

Name ________________________
Address _____________________
City ________________________
State _______________________
Zip _________________________
Phone _______________________
Date of Discharge ___________
Branch of Service ___________
  • I am interested in (Please Check One)

  • ___ Myself Only ___ Myself and Spouse

    Note: the above described program for Veterans is an independent effort by provate enterprise to render a genuine service to those who have so valiantly served our country. It is not supported financially or otherwise by the U.S. Federal Government nor is it supplemented by tax funds of this state. Thus Federal Benefits due you as a Veteran are in no way affected.

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