The American War Bride Experience

GI Brides of World War II

The Englishman’s Lament

Dear old England not the same
We dreaded invasion, and it came
But no it’s not the beastly Hun
The gawdam Yankee army came.

You’ll find them on the tram or bus
There isn’t room for both of us
We walk and let them have our seats
Then get run over by their Jeeps.

They laugh at us for drinking beer
They say our beers warm over here
But after drinking 2 or more
You’ll find them lying on the floor.

And you should see them try to dance.
They find a partner, start to prance.
When we’re half dead, they stop and smile
How’m I doin Honey Chile?

Alas they haven’t fought the Hun
No glorious battles, they have won
That pretty ribbon just denotes
They’ve crossed the sea
Brave men in boats

In a different town, in a different place
To a different girl, and a different face.
I love you darling, please be mine
It’s the same old Yank and the same of line.

(There were many variations of this but this is all I can remember. )

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