The American War Bride Experience

GI Brides of World War II

From Margaret Lawler of Linton, N.D.
This glossary was found in "A Bride's Guide to the U.S.A." prepared by British Good Housekeeping Magazine in conjunction with the U.S. office of War Information especially for British Brides of American Servicemen.

All the best Good luck
Baby specialist Pediatrician
Bank holiday Legal holiday
Banknote Bill
Basin Mixing bowl
Beer of "Bitter" Ale or beer
Biscuit, sweet
Bill (in a restaurant) Check
Black treacle Molasses
Blind Window shade
Block of flats Apartment house
Boiled sweets Candy (hard)
Book a table Reserve a place
Booking office Ticket Window
Boots Shoes
Braces Suspenders
Bureau Writing desk or secretary
Cab rank Taxi stand
Char Maid
Cheerio So long
Chemist's Drug store
Chest of drawers (low) Bureau
Chesterfield, sette, couch Davenport, couch, sofa
Chips French fried potatoes
Cinema Movies
Conrflour Conr starch
Corsets Girdle
Cotton wool Cotton
Court shoes Pump
Cupboard Closet
Dress circle Balcony
Dressing table Dresser
Dust bin Ash can
Face flannel Wash rag, wash cloth
First floor Second floor
Flat Apartment
Fresh butter Sweet butter
Frying pan Skillet, frying pan or spider
Galoshes Rubbers
Geyser Water heater
Goods wagon Freight car
Gramophone Phonograph
Greengrocer Grocery store
Grilled Broiled
Ground floor First floor
Guard Conductor of brakeman
High Boots Boots
High street Main street
Indian corn (maize) Corn
Ironmongery Hardware
Jug Oitcher
Ladder (in stocking) Run
Lavatory Toilet
Lift Elevator
Luggage Baggage
Mackintoch Raincoat
Made-to-order Tailor-made
Margarine Oleomargarine
Marrow Summer squash
Napkins (baby's) Diapers
Nursing home Private hospital
Paraffin Kerosene
Paraffin wax Paraffin
Petrol Gasoline
Plate Silverware
Post Mail
Porridge Oatmeal
Potato crisps Potato chips
Pram Baby carriage
Pullover Sweater
Railway Railroad
Return Round trip
Scone Biscuit
Shooting Hunting
Shop Store
Shopping Marketing
Shutter Blind
Single (ticket) One way
Snack bar Lunch counter
Stalls Orchestra seats
Solicitor or barrister Lawyer
Stone bottle Jug
Stores (household) Groceries
Subway Underpass
Suspender belt Garter belt
Suspenders of sock suspenders Garters
Sweet (at lunch or dinner), savoury Dessert
Sweets Candy
Tap Faucet
Threepenny and six penny store Five and ten
Tramp Bum (slang)
Trousers Pants
Truck call Long distance
Tube Subway
Undercut (of beef) Tenderloin
Upper circle Second balcony
Valve (wireless) Tube
Verandah Porch
Vest (man's) Undershirt
Waistcoat Vest
Wire Telegram
Wireless Radio

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