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Open letter

Wastle Dear Soldier,
Were you in Edinburgh, Scotland around 1944? If so, maybe you can help me find my birth father.

I live in Scotland, a few years back I received a letter from my birth mother informing me of my father, she had a relationship with him when he would travel to Edinburgh on furlough and stay at the American Red Cross Service Club on Princes Street, I believe the last time he stayed there was September 1944, prior to him being moved to the war zone.

His name is Gale (Gayle) (Not sure of the spelling.) Robinson or Robertson, or something close to those, beginning ROBxxxx. He was born circa 1914, raised in an orphanage in Pennsylvania, became a miner, then enlisted. I believe he enlisted long before WW II broke out as he had about 4 or 5 service stripes and was ranked S/Sgt in 1944.
Kindest regards,
John Wastle

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