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June - July, 1993; Modern Maturity

My Army separation papers make mention of medals I have earned by never received. And, if so, where can I get mine?

Those are real medals and you can have them issued to you by writing to the appropriate branch of the Armed Forces. If possible, send the request on Standard Form 180, Request pertaining to Military Records. The form is generally available from VA offices of from veterans' organizations.
The street, state and zip code are the same for all services:

VA Office
9700 Page Blvd,
St. Louis, MO 63132-5100.

Direct a request for Army medals to Army Commander, U.S. Army Reserve Personnel Center, ATTN: DARP-PAS-EAW, above address.
Direct a request for Navy, Marine Corps or Coast Guard medals to Navy Liaison Office, Rm 3475, N-314, above address.
Direct a request for Air Force medals to National PersonnelRecords Center (Military Personnel Records), above address.

Please be patient. It may take a year or more.

Burial Benefits: Headstones and Markers

VA provides headstones and markers for the graves of veterans anywhere in the world and for eligible dependants of Veterans buried in national, state veteran or military post cemeteries. Flat bronze, flat granite, flat marble, upright granite, and upright marble types are available to mark the grave in a style consistent with the cemetery. Niche markers also are available for urns. Headstone and markers are inscribed with the name of the deceased, the years of birth and death, and branch of service. Optional items that also may be inscribed at VA expense are: military grade, rank or rate; war service such as "World War II"; months and days of birth and death; an emblem reflection one's beliefs; valor awards; and the Purple Heart. Additional items may be inscribed at private expense. When burial is in a national, state veteran or military post cemetery, the headstone or marker is ordered through the cemetery, which will place it on the grave. Information on style, inscription, shipping and placement can be obtained from the cemetery.

When burial occurs in a cemetery other than a national, military post or state veterans cemetery, the headstone or marker must be applied for from VA. It is shipped at government expense. VA, however, does not pay for cost of placing the headstone of marker on the grave. To apply, complete VA Form 40-1330 and forward it to Director, Office of Memorial Programs (403A), National Cemetery System,
Department of Veterans Affairs,
Washington, DC 20420
Forms and assistance are available at VA regional offices. For information regarding the status of an application, write to the Director, Office of Memorial Programs (403B3), of call 1-800-697-6947.

VA cannot issue a headstone of marker for a headstone or marker for a spouse or child buried in a private cemetery. Twenty year reservists without active-duty service are eligible for a headstone or grave marker, if they are entitled to military retired pay at the time of death. Veterans Affairs

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