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The WWII War Brides Association is an organization of over 500 active members and they're still looking for more WWII war brides and their families to join. They had members from 23 different countries! The Association publishes a very informative and interesting bimonthly newsletter called the War Brides Courier. Membership is open to U.S. War Brides/Grooms, their spouses, their children (War Babies) and their grandchildren. The annual fee is only $15.00.

We hold monthly luncheon meetings in some areas of the country. Our annual reunion is held at different locations throughout the United States. Reunions have been held in San Diego, California; Laughlin, Nevada; Washington DC; on a Carnival Cruise to Nassau; Reno, Nevada; Newport, Rhode Island; Denver, Colorado; Costa Mesa, California (aboard the QUEEN MARY!), Charleston, South Carolina, Washington DC, Seattle, Washington, San Antonio, Texas, Chicago, Illinois, Orlando, Florida, San Francisco, CA. and St. Louis, Missouri, San Diego, CA (Our 15th) and Boston, MA.

Our 2013 Reunion will be held in
New Orleans, Louisiana.

The WWII War Brides Association was invited to the dedication ceremonies for the new World War II Memorial in Washington DC over the 2004 Memorial Day Weekend. We arranged to hold our annual reunion during the same week. It was a very proud, emotional week for us.

The WWII War Brides Association urges you to consider joining many of your sister brides in fellowship and share those joyful memories of your heritage, joys and adjustments in your adopted country.

For a membership form go to: Application
For further information, please contact:

Diane Reddy
WWII War Brides Association
1125 Pinon Oak Dr.
Prescott, AZ 86305

Have Questions ask Diane:
Phone: 928.237.1581
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Bay Area: Get in touch with Jean

San Diego: Get in touch with Dorothy


Northeast: Get in touch with Joan
Central Florida: along the 27/441 corridor: Get in touch with Paula


Western Missouri: Get in touch with Karola Peters
Eastern Missouri: Get in touch with Michele

New England

Northeast: Get in touch with Lonny

A newly formed New England chapter of the World War II War Brides Association — foreign-born wives, husbands, children and grandchildren of women who married U.S. military personnel who married during or since that 1939-1952 — is seeking more members.
“Our membership have the common bond of coming to this country to live from other countries, accepting a new culture and contributing their many talents to the United States,” said coordinator Joan Jones of Keystone Heights, in a news release. Nationwide, the association currently has 535 members from 22 countries, she said in the release. Spouses, children and grandchildren may also join.

To start a chapter in your area please get in touch with Diane

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