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May - 2008 UK National Archives

Passenger lists with over 24 million records from ships sailing to destinations worldwide., in association with The National Archives, is proud to present ancestorsonboard, a new database featuring BT27 Outward Passenger Lists for long-distance voyages leaving the British Isles from 1960 right back to 1890.

With ancestorsonboard, you can search for passenger list records of individuals or groups of people leaving for destinations including Australia, Canada, India, New Zealand, South Africa and USA featuring ports such as Boston, Philadelphia and New York. Passengers include not only immigrants and emigrants, but also businessmen, diplomats and tourists. Images of the passenger lists are available to download, view, save and print.

Feb. 1st, 2008 - Surviving Womens Land Army and Timberjills can apply for a badge recognizing their service during World War Two. Click here for more information from the DEFRA website. Requests for application forms can be made by post or telephone to: Mr Dermot McInerney, DEFRA, 5E Millbank, c/o 17 Smith Square, London, SW1P 3JR, Defra helpline call - 08459 33 55 77

Female war veterans can apply to have their efforts recognised as applications open today for a new badge of recognition. The badge will acknowledge those surviving members of the Women’s Land Army and Women’s Timber Corps who worked on the Home Front to provide food and timber for the nation during World War I and II.

Environment Secretary, Hilary Benn said:
“It is absolutely right that we at last recognise the selfless efforts these women made to support the nation through the dark days of World War I and II. This badge is a fitting way to pay tribute to their determination, courage and spirit in the face of adversity. I hope that as many eligible women as possible will apply for one.”

The badge will acknowledge those surviving members of the Women’s Land Army and Women’s Timber Corps who worked on the Home Front to provide food and timber for the nation during World War I and II.

Dec. 2007 - I am a free-lance researcher from Edinburgh, Scotland. I have been appointed by Cunard Line (Eric Flounders, Director of Corporate Communications, Cunard Line, London) to put together a small permanent exhibition about the 20th century Cunard Queens onboard the new Queen Victoria which is scheduled to go on her maiden voyage at the end of this year. One of the four display cases is themed on the Queens at War displaying items that range from a zig-zag clock to a Queen Mary ashtray of the era, as well as letters, photos etc.

I should love to include one or two items associated with the war brides who sailed for a new life on either the Queen Mary or Queen Elizabeth. It could be as simple as a nappy pin or a postcard that allows us to tell the story of that particular bride. What would be the best way of contacting the American War Brides who crossed on the Queens to see if anyone would like to donate a small keepsake or share a memory with me? Also there are some lovely quotes on your website - do I need to clear these with individuals or would it be acceptable to send you a draft of any text that we propose to use for approval.

My contact details are Elspeth Wills Research, 3 Brown’s Place, Edinburgh EH1 2HX Tel 0131 226 6659 email . I look forward to hearing from you.


Dual Citizenship for Australian
War Brides and Their Children

March 2007 - In case you have not heard yet, major new Australian citizenship legislation has just been passed by Australia's federal parliament in Canberra.

This will give thousands of Australian-born war brides and their children in the US new rights to apply for Australian citizenship from the implementation date of 1 July 2007. Unfortunately, many have no idea and may miss out on the benefits of Australian citizenship (and dual citizenship) simply because they are oblivious. We are trying to reach as many as possible.

I attach a recent media release which provides details, and would be very grateful if you could publicise these changes on your website. You have an old notice from September 2004 on your what's new page from our SCG war brides coordinator Ken Lankard about this. That information is now out of date because the promised legislation is now a reality. Please feel free to upload the whole pdf to your site. Alternatively I attach a Word version as well if you want to lift the text straight on to a page of your site.

We are very happy to answer individual queries from brides and their children about specific citizenship situations/scenarios. We can be reached at

There is also a great deal of useful information in the special war brides section of our website, at:

Many thanks,

ANZAC Celebration

February 2007 - ANZAC Celebration in Washington D.C.
This celebration will be held at the Embassy of Australia in Washing ton, DC on April 25, 2007. Many Australian and New Zealand war brides will be making the trip to Washington D.C.
To learn more email Sarah Gillespie at

Australian and New Zealand Army Corps (ANZAC) public holiday on 25 April every year to honour the bravery and sacrifice of the members of the Australian and New Zealand Army Corps (ANZAC), and of all those who served their country.

The ANZAC tradition began in World War I with a landing on 25 April 1915 near Gallipoli on the Turkish Aegean coast. Because of a navigational error, the ANZACs came ashore about a mile north of the intended landing point. Instead of facing the expected beach and gentle slope they found themselves at the bottom of steep cliffs, offering the few Turkish defenders an ideal defensive position. Establishing a foothold, the Anzacs found an advance to be impossible. After eight months of stalemate the Allies withdrew, leaving 10,000 dead amongst the ANZACs and over 33,000 British dead.

April 1st, 2006 --- WWIIWBA - Annual Reunion, San Antonia, Tex, October 25 - 29, 2006
Join us as we share old memories and make new ones! The Reunion includes: Welcome Reception, City Tour with a visit to the Alamo, and Fredericksburg, Sing-A-Long, Hospitality Room, Banquet with Program and Dancing. Dinner Show at Diamond W. Chuckwagon, Sunday Farewell Breakfast Buffett
For more information contact Erin HERE or Diane HERE
February 25, 2006 --- Luncheon for War Brides in the Florida area. If you would like to join them please email Allie Rudy for details. Be sure to add War Bride Luncheon in the subject line.
January 1st, 2006 --- Plans are being made for the 2006 War Brides Reunion, October 25 - 29, 2006 in San Antonio, Texas at the Holiday Inn Market Square. For more details and to learn more about becoming a member please contact Erin Craig

Attention British Children of G.I.s

I am writing from BBC South Television. We are planning ahead for next year and would like to do some pieces focusing on the GI Brides. So I am trying to find some people who are perhaps trying to search for or indeed have found their fathers? Ideally we'd like to find someone from our patch which includes, Hampshire, Dorset, Isle of Wight, parts of Berkshire, Surrey and Sussex.
Any information you can give me or indeed anyone I could speak to would be most appreciated.
I can be contacted on 023 80 374229 and am in on Tuesdays and Thursdays.
Many thanks
Annabel Goodinge
Broadcast Journalist
BBC South TV

September 1st. 2005 --- I fully enjoyed my time in Seattle. Talking to so many War Brides was a dream come true for me. What surprised me most was seeing so many of them still full of life and vigor. There was something special about these wonderful ladies. They were strong! I could see that many of them had endured so much and came thru it all.
As a collector of women's story starting from the Mayflower to the trails west, Civil War diaries, and life on the Praires, I've learned much about women's inter-strength. These War Brides are today's heroines. I'm proud of my mother and all others like herself. As Mono S'Angelo wrote in his poem, Heroines ...
"A grateful child reflects upon what might have been. Love of family, bounty of life, enrich his world. Were it not for a young woman's daring a lifetime ago. He knows there is nothing."

August 1st. 2005 --- Off to the World War II War Brides Reuion in Seattle, WA.
August 3-7, 2005 at the Double Tree Hotel, SecTac Airport -
Wed. Aug. 3rd. 5-7pm Reception
Thur. Aug. 4th. 9-2pm City Tour; 4-5pm War Brides Meeting; 6:30 - 8pm General Membership Business Meeting
Fri. Aug. 5th. 10:15 - 4:15pm Tour Tillicum Village (opt.) 7-10pm; Singalong
Sat. Aug. 6th. 6-11pm Banquet
Sun. Aug. 7th. 8-10am Farewell Breakfast
Hope to see many of you there.
May 1st, 2005 --- New look for the American Brides Experience. Featuring new information on the front page.
Mar. 2005 --- Check out all the new war bride stories like that of Annemarie Lauenstein of St. Louis, Missouri. Click Stories for an index.
Feb. 2005 --- Lost --- This site is available to help find lost family members and old friends. Please take a look, you maybe able to help someone find a missing person. Please tell your family and friends.
Jan. 2005 --- War World II War Brides Association 2005 Reunion
Plans are complete for the 2005 Reunion. Members should be receiving information in the near future. To learn more about becoming a member please contact Erin Craig
Nov. 15, 2004 --- Calling All Land Army Girls
Peggy Ann Turner is looking for war brides who were in the Land Army in England, Scotland, Wales, Australia and New Zealand. If you were one or know of one please contact Peggy at
Wanghanui School of Design
P.O.Box 4176
Wanghanui 5002
New Zealand.

Nov. 15, 2004 --- Reunion News
New information about 2005 reunion.
Dates are set for August 3-7, 2005. The hotel at present is the Doubletree near the Airport. At 18740 Pacific Highway South, Seattle, WA 98188 -- Tel: 1-206-246-8600 Fax: 1-206-431-8687. Reservation should be mady by Phone. When calling, state that you with the WAR BRIDES REUNION in order to receive the discounted rate.
More information will be posted as it comes. For information about joining the War Brides Association see information below under "Great Christmas Gift".
Oct. 13, 2004 --- Next US War Brides 2005 Reunion will be the first week of August, 2005, in Seattle. Plan on coming and having a great time in a great city.

Great Christmas Gift!!!

--- Membership to the World War II War Brides Association.
It is open to World War II War Brides and their spouses, war babies and grandchildren. A bi-monthly newsletter called "War Brides Courier" comes with your $10.00 dues. We have a membership of 260+ from all over the United States. Our members originally came from 18 different countries. Plans are still being worked out for the Reunion and will be posted here as they are known.

For application email or write to:
Erin Craig
WWII War Brides Association
    PO Box 1812
    El Centro CA 92244-1812

Sept. 2004 --- Citizenship News for War Brides from Australia

I am trying to find war brides who left Australia after WWII to live in the USA or elsewhere, and their children born outside Australia. There is good news regarding Australian citizenship for many of these people which we are trying to let everyone know about.

Many Australian war brides who settled in the US and elsewhere after WWII lost their Australian citizenship when they took other citizenships. Until 4 April 2002, Australian citizenship law contained a provision under which Australians automatically forfeited their Australian citizenship when they acquired another by naturalisation.

Also, many overseas-born children of Australian war brides have never had access to Australian citizenship due to various quirks in Australian law.

On 7 July 2004, Australian Citizenship Minister Gary Hardgrave MP announced a package of reforms to the Australian Citizenship Act 1948 which (once in force) will allow these women to resume their lost citizenship very easily (giving them dual citizenship) and open up access to Australian citizenship for their overseas-born children.

I'm the co-founder of an international, volunteer-run non-profit advocacy and suppport organisation for the Australian diaspora. We were the main lobbying force behind the changes that have just been announced. Now that the Australian government has agreed to do what we've been lobbying for, we want to make sure that as many people as possible can benefit from the forthcoming changes.

So we are trying to reach as many Australian war brides and their children as possible to let them know of the reforms, which will probably become law in the course of 2005. Once in force, applications for resumption of citizenship, or for citizenship by descent or by grant (depending on the person concerned) will be able to be made to obtain Australian citizenship at Australian missions/embassies/consulates overseas.

People should look at where we have several new pages for Australian war brides and their children, which will have text up on them soon. I can't seem to find any other site about Australian war brides specifically - but hopefully the dedicated pages on the Southern Cross Group (SCG) site can start to be a bit of a resource. Australian war brides and their children are after all an important facet of the Australian diaspora, which is what our organisation is all about.

Please, if you are an Australian war bride or the child of one, get in touch and tell us your story. We'll help you understand the forthcoming Australian citizenship reforms and what they will mean for you and your children and/or siblings. We will also make sure you are kept up to date as the legislation that will bring about the changes goes through Parliament, and then support you in your citizenship application once the law has changed. There is no charge - we are a non-profit organisation that helps Australian expats and we are not trying to make money out of anyone. Any details you give us about yourself will be held confidential, in line with the privacy statement on our website.

If anyone knows of any other ways that we might be able to track down Australian brides and their children, please let me know. The SCG's new volunteer War Brides Coordinator, Ken Lankard, who lives in California in the LA area, himself the son of an Australian war bride, can be e-mailed at, tel +1 (805) 485 7217.

April 10, 2004 --- Join the World War II War Brides Association. Membership is open to war brides and their spouses, war babies and grandchildren of war brides. A bi-monthly newsletter called "War Brides Courier" comes with your $10.00 dues. We have a membership of 260+ from all over the United States. Our members originally came from 18 different countries. The 2004 Reunion is planned for May 28-June 1 in Washington DC. To learn more about the Association and Reunion email or write:

Erin Craig
WWII War Brides Association
    PO Box 1812
    El Centro CA 92244-1812
This would make a wonderful gift.

July 14, 2003 --- New Photos of The Henry Gibbins,
from the Belfast Telegraph Newspaper article. Check out the

War Brides in picture page. These photos are large and will take a while to load up.

Sept. 23, 2002 --- Guelph Cruiseship Centers Inc. — Your Dream Vacation Specialists is offering a Nostalgic trans-Atlantic Cruise for WW II War Brides aboard the majestic oceanliner Queen Elizabeth 2 departing May 26, 2003.

The story of war brides and their journey to a new world is one of the most fascinating and romantic of World War Two. This is a wonderful opportunity for war brides of all nationalities and backgrounds to come together to share stories and experiences with family and friends on this nostalgic six-day trans-Atlantic crossing.

The journey begins at your gateway city arriving in London, England by air and then on to Southampton. From Southampton you will begin your nostalgic voyage back home aboard the Queen Elizabeth 2. A British Comedy Festival is bound to keep you entertained on your return journey. The response to this offer will enable our company to determine an affordable cost for anyone interested in this crossing. We ask you to help us reach other war brides throughout the country by forwarding us mailing lists, email addresses or names that we may contact. We have already contacted several War Bride Associations throughout Canada and are receiving mailing lists of their members to help us inform as many war brides as possible.

We welcome you to re-live this nostalgic voyage with the families and friends of war brides and re-kindle the romance and passion of their stories.

If you have any questions or would like more information, please call me at the Guelph Cruiseships Center office at (519) 823-5979 or Toll Free 1-800-544-2656 or email me at the office at

Yours sincerely,
Dale Alberta McRae
Cruise Consultant

April 24, 2002 --- Join the World War II Brides Association. Membership is open to all. A bi-monthly newsletter called "War Brides Courier" comes with your $10.00 dues. They have a membership of 150+ from all over the country. A reunion is plan for September 18 - 21 in Costa Mesa, Calfornia. Deadline is June 23, 2002. To learn more about the Association and Reunion email Irene or write.
Daisy Hom
419 Merrydale Dr. S.W.
Marietta, GA 30064

This would make a wonderful gift.

April 24, 2002 --- War Stories The Library of Congress is collecting the "I-was-there details" about life of a soldier. To learn more just click "War Stories" above.

Mar.21, 2002 --- I've added a Help Section to the Foreign War Brides Section. The Help page has helpful hints for finding love ones.
Feb. 12, 2002 --- I hope you will enjoy my site new look. I will try to completed it by May. I am looking for new pictures, articles and stories. Please send them to me by mail or email. Bookmark this site so you can see all the new changes. My email address is

Jan. 10, 2002 --- GI Babies searching for US fathers try 'Trace'

Dec. 15, 2001 --- Seeking help in finding information on a man named Eddie who knew Joyce Dodd. Please view photo and text at:

Nov. 8, 2001 --- For war brides that have asked for WW2 Bride clubs there is an organization called The Transatlantic Brides and Parents Association. To find a club in your area contact: The President of TBPA, Wayne Reed email:

Sept. 18, 2001 --- Welcome to the website of the Documentatiegroep '40-'45. The Dutch association of World war II collectors. The group was founded in 1963 and has about 1000 members. You can also become a member for just 55 guilders a year. However the Group publishes the magazine only in Dutch. This site is in both English and Dutch.
Sept. 5, 2001 --- I have added a series of photos, most are from the USS Argentina. To View Them Click here. To learn more about the photo, just put your mouse over it.

Sept. 4, 2001 --- War Bride Reunion will be held from Thursday to Sunday 6-9 September in Denver, CO. For more information contact: Mrs Mathilde M. Morris, phone number in Denver is 303-934-2617.

July 25, 2001 --- Sentimental Journey Board Game Sounds like lots of fun.

Listen and sing along to one of your favorite songs.

July 20, 2001 --- Honor An American Hero (Your Father) in the VFW Registry of Remembrance
Or send in a Remembrance of your mother to Remembrance Page

June 17, 2001 --- Update on September Reunion
[From War Brides Courier, Volume 2 Issue 2 Jan.-Feb, 2001]
By: Mathilde Morris of Denver, CO.

I am planning and organizing our next reunion in Denver for September 6, 7, 8 & 9, 2001. I would like everyone who plans to attend this event to let me know by the end of April and if you plan to attend the 2 tours I have planned for you.

I have 60 rooms secured for us, single with king size bed and double with 2 queen size beds with the Ramada Inn Denver West hotel at $59.00 each. To reserve your rooms you must make your own reservations by calling 1-800-321-7187 tell them it’s for the WWII War Brides 8th Reunion. Book your room for three nights. The 9th will be an 8.00 to 9.00 am breakfast buffet, our last meeting date and then we can leave for Denver International Airport for return flights.

Denver Airport is some 30 miles from the hotel. When you arrive Thursday, September 6, 2001, look for the Shuttle Golden West, which will take you to your hotel for $36.00 roundtrip.

  • Thursday Evening, Sept. 6th 7.00 pm
  • Meeting & Registration & Welcome Reception with Food and Drinks - $75.00

    Friday, September 7th at 8.45 am a Tour bus will pick us up at the hotel and off we go some 80 miles to the Air force Acedemy in Colorado Springs, we will watch lunch formation of the cadets before we ourselves will lunch at the Air Force Academy NCO club. After lunch, we will tour the Garden of the Gods Mountain area near Colorado Springs. We will return to the hotel in the late afternoon. Cost: $43.00

    Please make out to Mathilde M. Morris, I have to prepay the full amount before tour time.

  • Friday Evening, Sept. 7th 7.00 pm.

  • Business meeting with drinks only. Plan to eat on your own before the meeting.

    Saturday, Sept. 8th: 9.00 am. The tour bus drives us to our Two Mountain Gambling Towns of Black Hawk and Central City for sightseeing and/or gambling. We will be back at the hotel by 2.00 pm. Lunch is on your own and is very reasonable in these two towns. We will be back in plenty of time to get ready for the banquet.

  • Costs for Gambling Towns: $15.00 per person

  • Saturday, September 8th Dinner Banquet in the Grand Ballroom with music for dancing until 11.00 pm – Cost: ?? (Mathilde will let us know if there is a cost for the banquet and I will print it in the next Courier …Pam)

    Sunday, Sept. 9th Farewell breakfast buffet in our private hospitality rooms, as before during our meetings. You will all check out by noon to return home by Golden West Shuttle to the Denver Airport and on your flight to your final destination.

  • Sunday, Sept. 9th 8.00 am to 9.00 am Farewell Breakfast buffet in the hospitality room.

    I hope you re going to enjoy what I have planned for you. (Our Western Hospitality, beautiful scenery and the mountains. Bring a swim suit, the hotel has an outside swimming pool. The weather should still be nice and warm and sunny (Colorado has 85% sun in a years time).

    I have planned this event over a Saturday so you can get your plan fare at 50% reduction. I would appreciate an early decision by April 30th for any member who plans to attend this event. Please send me your reservations and checks. My telephone # is 1-303-934-2617 – Address: 5075 West Yale Ave., Denver, CO 80219.

    Reunion Cost Summary: (please note this is an estimate of costs to date to help with your planning).

    *Hotel 3 nights @ $59/night - $177.00 Plus taxes!

    *Airport Shuttle Roundtrip - $36.00

    *Thursday Meeting - $75.00 – Registration, meeting drinks & food

    *Friday Tour - $43.00 – Air force Academy & Gardens Tour

    *Saturday Tour – Gambling - $15.00 -

    Total estimated cost - $346.00

    NB [It is not too late to send in your reservation – there are still vacancies at the hotel. Check with Mathilde.]

    June 14, 2001 --- Many mothers and wives were camped at one of these army camps before leaving for the states. If interested in learning more about the U.S. Army Camps in the LeHavre area called "The Cigarette Camps", please stop by The Cigarette Camps

    June 12, 2001 --- Seeking information about the 8th Reunion of WW II War Brides to be held Sept, 2001 in Denver, Colorado. Please send details to me.

    May 14, 2001 --- Information from the St. Louis Post Dispatch about free caskets for veterans. Notice to All Veterans

    May 11, 2001 --- I have added a new book to the book list plus two new website links, one of the Japanese War Brides and the other about Doreen Shears' story about her life in England. Enjoy.

    May 09, 2001 --- A German film company is doing research for a future film about German War Brides in the U.S. If you are interested in sharing your story with them please let me know and I will forward your email address to them. Send email to:

    March 23, 01 --- SS Bridgeport; Feb. 10th, '46, Southampton, England to NY. Many names from Margaret Lawler were added.

    March 19, 01
    13114 Treeline Court
    Manassas, VA 20112
    TEL: (703) 791-6364
    To All British War Brides


    Thank you for your interest in our organization.

    Tea & Tarts was created in 1995 by a friend and myself. Although we had both lived in “the colonies” for many years we found we still got homesick and missed that special British camaraderie. There is nothing stuffy or formal about our group. It’s just a way to meet fellow Brits with the basis of having a “a bloody good larf.” Hence, the club’s tongue in check name, Tea & Tarts.

    Our members are primarily British women from all corners of England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales. We also have a few male members too. The only pre-requisite is that members must be born and raised in the British Isles and be 21 years or older. (The average age of our members is probably about 40 but we try very hard not to be old biddies!)

    Our female members get together on a monthly basis to enjoy a decent cuppa, British snacks and a good laugh. Throughout the year we plan social functions that our spouses and children* can attend. In the past we have organized trips to British theatre productions, picnics, pub quizzes, Boxing Day parties. Ninety percent of our activities are held in Prince William County. (We now have a sister group in the Fredericksburg area called Tea & Crumpets.)

    * Tea & Tarts is an adult social group and children are NOT welcome at our meetings unless it is clearly specified.

    I have enclosed a complimentary copy of our monthly newsletter and information about joining. It is not necessary to join the group in order to attend our activities but the $10 annual membership fee means that you will received the newsletter and all information about upcoming events.

    I do hope that you decide to join the group. If you know of any other Brits who might enjoy Tea & Tarts please invite them to come along too.

    If you have any questions, please feel free to call me.

    Judy Larkin
    Tea & Tarts

    Mar. 15, 01 --- How to Order Passenger Lists from the US government. You will find it at "Request"

    Mar. 12, 01 --- Inside The Web Message board has shutdown!
    Please visit the new Message Board. I created this Message Board because of the amount of inquiries I received since I launch my American War Bride Experience in 1999. Many families in Europe, Asia and Britain have lost contact with their War Bride sisters, aunts, cousins or friends in the US. I am simply unable to handle the requests for missing or lost War Brides, so I invite you to post your inquiries, searches and comments on this American War Bride Bulletin Board. Good luck!

    Mar 1, 01 --- Have your husband share his war time memories.
    GoTo: War Time Memories

    Feb. 20. 01 --- WW2 Veterans Medals and Headstones/Markers Information

    List of Passengers of SS Washington
    - From LaHavre, France... March 27th, 1948 to
    Southampton... March 28th, 1948 to
    Cobn, March 28, 1948 to
    New York. Free Look-ups

    The American Merchant Marine Museum is inducting the SS WASHINGTON into the National Maritime Hall of Fame. During World War II, she was renamed the USS MOUNT VERNON. We are in the process of trying to locate women and children who travelled to the U.S aboard the ship. The American Merchant Marine Museum is located on the grounds of the U.S. Merchant Marine Academy, Kings Point, New York. Should you read this and know of anyone who travelled on the WASHINGTON please e-mail the Museum at Any information will be most helpful.
    Linda Fasbach
    Executive Director

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