The American War Bride Experience

GI Brides of World War II

Oct. 19, 1945

Their Protests Are Getting Results

English war brides

Protests by pretty English brides of American Solders who have been returned to the United States, against delay in joining their husbands has caused the British foreign office today (Oct 15) to make representations to American authorities in their behalf. There are 45,000 brides seeking passage to the United States. The women have been demonstrating in front of the American Embassy in London, in order to speed up some sort of action. In the above group, during a recent demonstration are
L-R, Mrs. H. Robinson and her 7 months old son, with of PFC. H. Robinson, Boston; Mrs. Doris Magda and 4 months old son, wife of PFC Walter Magda of Winnipeg, Canada; Mrs. Clifford Jones with 5 months old daughter, wife of CPL Clifford Jones of Missouri and Mrs. Bill Mehmen, with daughter, wife of PFC Mehmen of Iowa.

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