The American War Bride Experience

GI Brides of World War II

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Joy V. Barrie Holding Her Son On Arrival From England Air Raid Patrol Wedding After Arriving  on Docks from USS Argentina Military Triple Wedding View of USS Argentina in Offshore Water War Brides Head To New Homes In U.S Traveling Military Men Anxiously Waiting Arrival To Meet Their War Brides Mother Holding Daughter in Liner Sleeping Quaters Having A Meal Together Aboard USS Argentina Having A Meal Together Aboard USS Argentina Women Welcome To New Country By Husband War Bride With Babies in Cribs War Bride Holding Her Baby on Liner's Bunk Bed Wedding of Deborah Kerr and Anthony Bartley, 1945 War Brides Wave While Disembarking Plane Brit War Brides Crowd Deck & Portholes on Ship waving from staircase mother with son sleeping on plane wedding mom with baby . wedding on the cunard On ship . mothers and babies . . . . . .

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