The American War Bride Experience

GI Brides of World War II

About 1946

Australian War Brides

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Australian Brides

This picture was sent to me by Sharyn Bartlem of Queensland, Australia. Names on the back of picture were written in pencil and hard to read. If you can help identify same of the names please email me.
Thank you.

First Row - 6 Fourth Row - 3
? Pack, Smithville, TN Enid Scheer, Amanda, Iowa
Enid Hall, Lincoln, NE Diane ?
Betty Hamilton, Waco, TX  
Second Row 11 Third Row 10
Joyce Hayman, Portland, OR   Dulcie Tomazich
Jean Irving Marjorie Lentz
Isabell Taylor, Gilson, IL Joyce McKibleen
Elma Rayment Daphney []hart
Iris E. Shina[.]eargar Audry [.]affer
Mavis Salamonski Muriel Dallee
Dorothy Lashwood Peggy Didkoff
Sissie Nickalson  
Ruth Frost  

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