The American War Bride Experience

GI Brides of World War II


My Mother, Leontine (Tina) Francois Boydens Brown, arrived in July 1946 on the Britannia into the port of Hoboken N.J. They then went by bus to NYC and were transported by train to their destinations. The war brides left from LeHarve, France. She and several others were from Antwerp, Belguim.

Tina Boyden and Ernest Brown Dating in 1946

Tine Boyden and Ernest Brown Wedding, May 28, 1946

Tina Boydens Brown at Camp Lucky Strike at LeHerve, France just before leaving for the USA.

Tina Brown and Marriette Leverson onboard the Britianna, July 1946

Passing New York City Docks on July 1946

Hoboken Docks, July 1946

Hoboken Docks, July 1946

Kazan and his crew filmed On the Waterfront on the actual docks and piers of Hoboken, New Jersey, in view of New York City.
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