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1940 - 1940 London Blitz

1943- Sydney, Australia - War Brides

1944 - British Women's Auxiliary Air Force Dance

1944 - War Brides and Children at the YWCA
On Queen St., Auckland, N.Z.

April 19, 1944 - Aussie Couples

April 19, 1944 - Australian War Brides Arrive

April 22, 1944 - Australian Mrs. Harper and Mrs. Humphreys arrives in San Francisco

Aug 13, 1944 - Aussie War Brides On Board the Lurline

Sept. 5, 1944 - Irish War Brides Arrived

Dec. 22, 1944 - Await Tranportation to Their New Homes

1944/45 - Joan Barron Arama
Pictures From London to Detroit

1945 - Joyce Street Morse
Wedding and traveling Pictures

June, 5,1945 - Bedtime for War Brides in Sydney
U.S. Servicemen's Wives and Fiancees' Association

June, 5,1945 - Lecture in Sydney
Girls learning about the U.S.

Sept. 24, 1945 - Little Boy, Big Club
Betty and Kenneth Trudell

Sept. 26, 1945 - Lurline arrived with 555 war brides
and 200 children

Oct. 10, 1945 - Happy War Brides Arrive From France

Oct. 19, 1945 - Their Protests Are Getting Results

Nov. 27, 1945 - English Wives of American Soldiers Get Acquainted

Queen Mary Ship
Brings Veterans Home into New York Harbor

1946 - Wales War Brides

1946 - Australian War Brides
Do you know any of these?

1946 - USS Monterey Australian War Bride

1946 - Argentina
Do you know any of these brides?

1946 - Picture of war brides on S.S. Mariposa
Do you know any of them?

1946 - Map of New York Harbor

1946 - Ship Newspapers and Menu Index
Argentina's Whisper Newspaper, 28 Jan. 1946
E.B. Alexander's Bride Aside Newspaper, 2 Feb. 1946
Menu from the SS Brazil, 22 April 1946

1946 - First Greek War Bride in Los Angeles - Anastasia Adams

1946 - Real Eggs - Toni [Lupino] Connolly

1946 -
Collections of War Brides Photos

Jan. 25, 1946 - GI Brides Leave London
Arlette Goldberg, Emilienne Fellger, Marie Louise Huntington and Mrs. Julienne Mikos

Jan. 26, 1946 - The War Bride Express
Saturnia picture full of women, some with children set sail from Southampton, England to New York.
Article from Immigrants: The New Americans.

Feb. 1946 - British War Brides Article in Life Magazine

Feb. 1946 - First English War Brides at Waterloo Station

Feb. 4, 1946 - Brides Arriving in New York
SS Argentina - British Brides on Gang Plank

Feb. 13, 1946 - City's Newest War Brides Find Things Confusing

Feb. 18, 1946 - SS. Argentina
First Ship to bring American War Brides to the U.S.

Feb. 18, 1946 - SS. Argentina
First Ship to bring American War Brides to the U.S.

Feb. 26, 1946 - Italian Bride Arrive on the Algonquin

Feb. 28, 1946 - Italian War Bride on the Algoquin

March 1946 - Irish War Brides on the Henry Gibbins

March 1946 - Pictures of the Queen Mary entering the Harbor in New York City

March 3, 1946 - Last Meal Before Debarking

March 4, 1946 - Veronica Hillen and Mary Holmes
SS Monterey

March 4, 1946 - War Brides Arrive From Down Under

March 6, 1946 - Pictures of War Brides on the Henry Gibbins Ship
Belfast Telegraph Newspaper article.

March 7, 1946 - Aussie Babies

March 9, 1946 - Aussie Babies in Chicago

March 9, 1946 - French War Brides Get Musical Send-Off

March 10, 1946 - GI Brides Under Their New Flag
Lisette Francis, Mrs. Philip Cohen, and Mrs. Ribon Corewitz

Mar. 16, 1946 - French Brides Ready For U.S. Trip
Josie DeCercio and Mrs. Henry McCermott

March 22, 1946 - Brides Arrive onboard Vulcania

Mar. 28, 1946 - Mrs. Frank Gyurtsak Cooking Lesson

April 1946 - Crossing the Dateline
Onboard the Fred C. Ainsworth

April 1946 - Brides waiting at Camp Philip Morris
In LeHavre, France
Louise Michel Edwards, Jeanine, Jose Cebula, and Helene. Can you identify any of these brides?

April 23, 1946 - Irene Jordan
Proxy Bride Arrives from England

May 1946 - French War Brides from the USS George Goethals
Ilona Burkart and Mrs. Wm. Ceeby

May 1946 - Alice Lawson
onboard the Santa Paula with friends

May 7, 1946 - Five Years of Separation Ended
Alexandra Buster, Asta Johnson and Xenia Fisher

May 20, 1946 - Picture on the Bridgeport!
Do you know these girls?

May 26, 1946 - Maria Grice
onboard the General George W. Goethal with friends

June 1946 - Detroit War Brides
Photo of War Brides at School in Detroit. Can you identify any of these brides?

June 1946 - War Brides Arrive From Down Under

June 24, 1946 - Crowded David C. Shanks

July 1946 - Britannia Pictures
Leontine (Tina) Francois Boydens Brown took pictures onboard the Britannia and at Camp Lucky Strike.

July 11, 1946 - Mariposa Passinger List (PDF File)

Aug. 17, 1946 - Jean Hash arrives on the Willard A. Holbrook

Sept. 14, 1946 - Delay Australian War Brides

Oct. 14, 1946 - War Brides Arrive in New York

Dec. 1, 1946 - English War Brides Arrive
Mrs. Jean Carbone, Mrs. Sylvia Toth, and Mrs. Sheila Clark, all are from London

1947 - Rissia [Orlowa] Gedoreshenko
Wedding Picture

1947 - Picture of The Overseas Club
baby Susan Schreiber, Mrs. Franklin P. Hopkins, Mrs. Raymond Hovde; Mrs. Alvin Schreiber; Mrs. Irwin Bosman; Mrs. M.B. Wheeler; and Mrs. Kenneth Kitchen.

Abt 1950 - LA California Overseas Brides Chapter
The Daughters of the British Empire

April 27, 1952 - Japenese GI Brides New Hair-dos

1953 - Japanese War Bride at the Cherry Blooms Festival

Jan. 1, 1955 Japenese Classes for GI Brides

1968 - Cosmopolitan Association Inc.
Created in 1947 to help war brides in Canada and the US to help WWII War Brides. Website:

2004 - Bill Longo Collection of Pictures

2006 - Memorial Day Ceremony Normandy American Cemetery

2006 - Today's Look at Pier 54
Where the Argentina docked in 1946

Bremerhaven, Germany
Drawing of War Brides at Bremerhaven Train Shed

Camp Tidworth
Photos of where War Brides were processed before leaving on ships.

World Friendship Club
Photos of Members of the World Friendship Club in Eureka, CA

War Brides at Royal Hotel in Kilkeel, Northern Ireland

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