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I've added this page in hope to help you with your research.
If you are searching for your father or grandfather in the USA, try some of these suggestions. If you are trying to find a distant Aunt, who married a GI and came to the States, I hope this can help you also.

Good Luck in your search.
Ryan Taylor - Britain War Brides Research

United Kingdom Search

Searching for your GI Father?
Try "Trace"
Living in the United Kingdom - Searching for anyone who married a GI try this suggesting from Debbie Beavis host of the WarBrides Mailing List.

The most important thing is that it is not essential to know the groom's name when you are searching for a marriage.

The Office of National Statistics holds copies of the marriage records (and birth and death records) for everyone marrying in England or Wales since 1837. You cannot view the actual registers, but the indexes to the registers are available at the Family Record Centre in London. They have also been filmed, and may be available through a local library or LDS (Mormon) Family History Centre. The index may show more than one person of her name, but also includes the registration district so you can narrow down the list of possibles, and when you have done that, you can send for a copy of her marriage certificate. The form you send includes the facility for stating information you already know, such as her father's name. If the details are not correct, they will refund part of your money.

There is more information about it at the website for the Family Record Centre

There is a good chance that they will also have had children, and similar indexes for birth records may help you to locate them.

The Public Record Office has a leaflet to help people such as yourself who are tracing missing relatives:

Your other option is to try to trace her family in Australia. The Australian White Pages (telephone directory) is online at Good luck with your search!

USA Search

How to Order Passenger Lists from the US government

You will find it at "Request"
US Social Security Death Index
The Church of Jesus Christ Latter-day Saint
Family History Center Locations Nearest You
Military Personnel Records
What records were really distroyed in the 1973 fire., the US Internet Directory

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