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New York Passenger Lists Index 1944-1948
NARA Microfilm Catalog Numbers
Index (Soundex) to Passenger Lists of Vessels Arriving at New York, 1944-1948. (NARA) M1417; 94 rolls

NARA=National Archives and Records Administration

Note: the Family History Library in Salt Lake City does not carry this microfilm series so you cannot order these items from a local Family History Center. If you do not have access to NARA or a NARA branch try ordering them through inter-library loan at your local library.

This index uses the Soundex system... What does "Soundex" mean?

M1417-1 A-000 Christian--A-210 Lilly Ellen
M1417-2 A-210 Jacques--A-410 Pietro
M1417-3 A-415 Salvatore--A-530 Pieriana
M1417-4 A-530 Perna--A-650 Alegria
M1417-5 A-650 Alice--B-230 Jose
M1417-6 B-230 Sidney--B-423 Maria
M1417-7 roll missing
M1417-8 B-423 Moische--B-520 Tranguillo
M1417-9 B-520 Theodoro--B-620 Charlie
M1417-10 B-620 Carol--B-626 Paul
M1417-11 B-626 Paul--B-650 Joan
M1417-12 B-650 Joan M--C-000 Hoo Shy
M1417-13 C-000 Hilda--C-220 Piotr
M1417-14 C-220 Pietro--C-360 Harvey S.
M1417-15 C-360 Enrique--C-462 Colin
M1417-16 C-462 Dimitrious--C-530 Vincent
M1417-17 C-530 Uriele--C-620 Zusana
M1417-18 C-620 Sophia--C-650 Kathleen
M1417-19 C-650 Ludmila--D145 Maria
M1417-20 D-145 Mendel--D-241 Giouanmi
M1417-21 D-241 Hannah--D-350 Maurice
M1417-22 D-350 Roberto--D-510 Joseph
M1417-23 D-510 Rosalia--D-562 Helen
M1417-24 D-562 Guarina--E-152 James L.
M1417-25 E-152 John--E-420 Edma
M1417-26 E-420 Ewa--F-200 Michael
M1417-27 F-200 Muriel I.--F-430 Colin N.
M1417-28 F-430 Brayan--F-620 Josephine
M1417-29 F-620 Josefa--F-652 Franco Tulio
M1417-30 F-652 Francis--G-164 Eduardo
M1417-31 G-164 Areti Jordan--G-363 Jean
M1417-32 G-363 John--G-452 Dora
M1417-33 G-452 Dunca--G-600 Lloyd
M1417-34 G-600 Luther--G-625 Marianne
M1417-35 roll missing
M1417-36 G-653 Karl H.--H-126 Dirk
M1417-37 H-126 Ernest--H-350 Jacqueline
M1417-38 H-350 Ida--H-516 David
M1417-39 H-516 Doreen--H-610 Winifred
M1417-40 H-610 Winifred--H-655 Beatrice Norma
M1417-41 H-655 Pedro Maria--J-212 Erling
M1417-42 J-212 Freidel--J-525 Aruid
M1417-43 J-525 Arnt--K-130 Gerda
M1417-44 K-130 Ebba Agnet--K-263 Frieda
M1417-45 K-263 Anna--K-452 Warwara
M1417-46 K-452 Tatiana--K-550 John
M1417-47 K-550 Jadau L.--K-645 Jacob
M1417-48 K-645 Elsbeth--L-140 Filomena
M1417-49 L-140 Francis--L-220 Pinkus
M1417-50 L-220 Pola--L-350 John H.
M1417-51 L-350 Henriquez--L-524 Umberto
M1417-52 L-524 Paul--L-635 Lucia
M1417-53 L-635 Marianna--M-222 Helena
M1417-54 M-222 Elisabeth--M-246 Joseph
M1417-55 M-246 Hersch--M-264 Elizabeth
M1417-56 M-264 Arthur--M-420 Issa Parvis
M1417-57 M-420 Margaret T--M-520 Angela
M1417-58 M-520 Angelina--M-563 Peter
M1417-59 M-363 Maria--M-623 Lars
M1417-60 M-623 Maria--M-650 Elvira
M1417-61 M-650 Elia--N-253 Maria Flavia
M1417-62 N-253 Rowena--N-635 Alice Betty
M1417-63 N-635 Clifford--O-425 John Kristian
M1417-64 O-425 John Valter--P-200 Helen
M1417-65 P-200 Helena--P-330 Gioditta
M1417-66 P-330 Luigi--P-420 Lina
M1417-67 P-420 Leopold--P-530 Jayne Leivas
M1417-68 P-530 Juda--P-620 Teresa
M1417-69 P-620 Teresa--P-655 Nicolina
M1417-70 P-655 Teodoro--R-163 Albert B.
M1417-71 R-163 Alfred--R-230 Andre
M1417-72 R-230 Antonio--R-300 Amy
M1417-73 R-300 Amanda--R-453 Emile Felix
M1417-74 R-453 Fernand--S-100 Dominco
M1417-75 S-140 Uvno--S-140 Salvatrice
M1417-76 S-160 Theodore--S-260 Heinrich
M1417-77 S-260 Herberto--S-340 Salo
M1417-78 S-340 Violet M--S-364 Hugh
M1417-79 S-364 Harold--S-430 Paul E.
M1417-80 S-430 Salvatore--S-520 Ting
M1417-81 S-520 Zai--S-534 Albert
M1417-82 S-524 Attilio--S-600 Tancher
M1417-83 S-600 Teresa--T-100 Angeles
M1417-84 T-100 Alles--T-400 Ella H.
M1417-85 T-400 Ernest G.--T-545 John D.
M1417-86 T-545 Helen--T-655 Concetta
M1417-87 T-655 Angela--V-345 Giuseppa
M1417-88 V-345 Pasqune--V-535 Dylvian
M1417-89 V-535 Elisabeth--W-200 Joan
M1417-90 W-200 Johanna--W-325 Margaret
M1417-91 W-325 Marjorie--W-426 Jossie
M1417-92 W-426 Jean--W-600 Albert H.
M1417-93 W-600 Alexa--Z-162 Leo
M1417-94 Z-162 Maria--Z-666 David

Dates, Contents and NARA Roll numbers taken from...
Immigrant and Passenger Arrivals, A Select Catalog of National Archives Microfilm
Publications; National Archives Trust Fund Board: Washington, DC; 1983; 2nd revised edition, 1991; page 126.

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