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Mesothelioma Prognosis
As a result of their exposure during military service, U.S. veterans account for a sizable percentage of pleural mesothelioma patients. The group of veterans most at risk is naval veterans and this is a result of the mass amount of asbestos material used on naval vessels. Navy veterans who worked in shipyards or aboard vessels experienced more asbestos exposure than the average member of the Armed Forces and can claim benefits from the VA system for this service-related condition.
World War II: A Changed America--War Brides
War brides
First came love. Then came marriage. Then came life in a strange new land, and farewell to everything familiar. Most GI war brides wouldn’t have traded it for the world. By Brenda J. Wilt
It Started With a Kiss Happy and tragic German-American love stories after World War II. By Nicola Varns
Ancestry Magazine
Here Come The Brides
War Bride Interviews from Annette Fulford and Michele Thomas
1944 - Australian - American Alliances
Various shots of Australian war brides getting together to discuss mutual interests - they are all married to American servicemen. We see them speaking, singing and even trying out a recipe. They study map of USA and point to where their husbands come from. Various shots of young brides with babies, they pose for the camera on a lawn.
1946 - British War Bride and son arrives in New Jersy
from British Pathe
Do you know who they are?
1946 - Kathleen Wood and her 2 children
Comments about Joyce Clark, Eileen Toomey; Margaret Burns
'Are hundreds of "abandoned" G.I. brides "living in squalor" in New York? The London Daily Mail said so - in a sensational dispatch. Pathe News investigates ... and presents the facts'.
Feb. 1946 - GI Brides at Waterloo Station and Tidworth
1946 - Brides are on the move
SS Monterey arriving in San Francisco
1946 - Australian Brides Waiting Transport to US from Sydney
1946 - Australian National Maritime Museum
August 14; 65 th Anniversary of V J Day
Out of an obscure place": Japanese War Brides and Cultural Pluralism in the 1950s Caroline Chung Simpson
Teresa Alva Hughes of Wellington, New Zealand and Robert Gerard Sweeney of Towanda, PA
Joan Greenham Showfety A War Bride Story
Onboard the Argentina, the First War Bride ship from England
The Home Front 1939-1945
Rationing; Dig For Victory; Make Do and Mend

Women In The War

Interview of Ruth 'Frosty' Frost
Part II
Part III
Part IV
Part V

"Out of an obscure place": Japanese War Brides and Cultural Pluralism in the 1950s
Caroline Chung Simpson
Stroke ends romantic life of America's first Japanese war bride Kazue Katz blazed trail for thousands
Blog for RMS Queen Mary
A daily journal of the stateliest ship afloat
Here come the war brides: a love story 65 years on
Interview with Aussie Hazel Walker and Ruth and Bill Frost
Hedwig Knight 83, R.I.'s first German war bride gets published
Michael Gawenda article - Brides with torn hearts
Roy Murphy talk to New Zealanders who married American servicemen, at a reunion in New York: the journey to the US.
Roy Murphy talk to New Zealanders who married American servicemen, at a reunion in New York: condition of servicemen returning from duty; meeting future husband.
Roy Murphy talk to New Zealanders who married American servicemen, at a reunion in New York: meeting US servicemen; going to dances.
War Brides part 1
Barry Fraser's Blog page talk about traveling on the Queen Mary as a three yrs. old.
War Brides part 2
Barry Fraser's Blog
Parachute dress works for war bride
War Brides part 1
Barry Fraser's Blog page talk about traveling on the Queen Mary as a three yrs. old.
War Brides part 2
Barry Fraser's Blog
Parachute dress works for war bride
Rationing Food in the United Kingdon
Rationing Clothing in the United Kingdon
Rationing Timeline in the United Kingdon
Rationing in the United Kingdom
A War Bride Story Joan Greenham Showfety
Knock John Fort
Joy De-Ath Brehm of Bristol, England

San Francisco Interview
Patty Fisher's story in the Mercury News on Fri., Oct. 2
International WWII War Brides Return to San Francisco After 63 Years
War brides share their memories
Boardwalk and Park Place go to War!
By Patrick Tillery
Ilse Whaley of Anderson, SC
Growing up in Nazi Germany, Ilse left for the United States as a war bride for Kentucky
Weiss, 84, and Helen Weiss Dorn, 86
Marshfield, Missouri Honor WWI war Bride Siblings
Daughters of the British Empire in Hampden, Cherry Hills Village
Having Tea Time
War baby John Wastle looks for his birth father,
Gale/Gayle Robertson or Robinson
Sweigert holds county close to her heart
Edith Sweigert
Wisconsin World War II Veteran Harry W. Eichman Helen Mitchel Eichman, New Zealander
documentary about Japanese war brides
Nuremberg: A Love Story
Isabella Lider of Poland
Judy May Chu the second of four children of Judson Chu, a native Californian, and his wife, May, whom he brought from China under the War Brides Act.
Turning back the clock for war-time wedding
War children's search U.S. dads gets urgent
Beth Guyver never knew her father.
TRACE (, a British group founded by a GI war bride, and Beth Guyver Article.
Post-WWII immigration files to be opened to public
Nottingham GI bride dies aged 99
Edna Etzler
GG was born and raised in Ireland
Happy 90th Birthday
The federal government is opening the immigration files of millions of refugees, war brides, "enemy aliens" and other foreign nationals in the USA in the first half of the 20th century.
War bride tribute handed across Atlantic
Wedding bells still echo
By Lori Forgay
Love Goes Beyond Borders; Marthe from Lugano, Switzerland
By Rebekah Kimble
War brides honoured in Newfoundland
Catherine Kirby
Marie Verburgh Robicheau
by Ben Robicheau
Youtube - The Coat
A short film about my late grandmother, and the child she left behind in Scotland when she came to Canada in the 1940s as a war bride.
Youtube - A Tribute to the War Brides
Just some pictures of the War Brides
Youtube - Stories from the Northwest: WWII - The War Brides
Memoirs of a Bolton war bride
Winifred Joan Rudall Harrison
From Braunton
by Bill Tom
A touch of England brightens Tarentum home
Marjorie Joan Gibson
Student writers' immigration stories
Margot Thiesenhusen
More about Nancy (Pannell) Allen trip to Nottingham, England

D-Day archive pictures bring the memories flooding back
FASCINATING stories revealing life in North Devon during the war years continue to emerge after secret footage showing US soldiers training in the area was discovered.
Florence Taft Raccio from Liverpool, England
Dorothy Miller from Scotland Callaway, Nebraska
British Rations during 1940's
U.S. Military Records Search
War Brides
American In World War II By author Carol Fallows of Love and War

Honor Flight is a non profit organization created solely to honor America’s veterans for all their sacrifices. We fly our heroes to Washington, DC to visit and reflect at their memorials. Top priority is given to the senior veterans – WW II survivors along with those other veterans that may be terminally ill. Honor Flight first flew in May 2005 with six small planes flying 12 WW II veterans, departing out of Springfield, Ohio. In 2006, with a waiting list of veterans expanding rapidly, we transitioned to commercial airline carriers to accommodate the maximum number of veterans as possible. Partnering with HonorAir in Hendersonville, North Carolina and Hero Flight in Provo, Utah, we formed the “Honor Flight Network.” Together, we are aggressively expanding our programs to other cities across the nation in 2007. Based on recent statistics, we are losing WW II veterans at the rate of 1200 per day. Honor Flight will continue do whatever it takes to fulfill the dreams of our veterans and, very importantly, our senior heroes travel absolutely free. Subsequent to the WW II veterans, our efforts will then focus on our Korean and then Vietnam veterans, honoring them similarly. HONOR FLIGHT – our way of paying a small tribute to those that gave so much; to take a memorable, safe, and rewarding FLIGHT with HONOR!!!

Maria The
December 20, 2007

"For The Duration" Event Honors Ship's WWII Past
By Carla M. Collado
Staff Writer

In February, soldiers and former War Brides who sailed on the Queen Mary during World War II will convene on the historic ship to reminisce on the past and honor lost loved ones. For many, it will be the first time setting foot on the Queen Mary since the war ended.

The "For the Duration" event from Feb. 7 to 10 will feature seminars, roundtables, World War II reenactors, a private "officers' club," a memorial service, a War Brides' Tea and a special multimedia event including wartime newsreels and film clips, live performances and a Bob Hope impersonator, among other activities. It is the first time the Queen Mary has hosted such an event, co-sponsored by the Trans-Oceanic shop and the Union Jack Newspaper (the country's only national British newspaper).

To read the remainder of this article, click on

We're holding a war brides tea on board the Queen Mary on Feb. 10 as part of For the Duration, a weekend-long salute to the role of the Queen Mary in World War II and the men and women who fought for freedom abroad and on the home front.

All the best,

The Garrison Theatre in Tidworth

Debbie Beavis' DataMarine's
More than one hundred thousand British war brides and large numbers of children sailed away, mostly bound for Canada, the United States, South Africa, Australia and New Zealand. Large groups of European women were also transported through Britain and their numbers swell the total departure figures.
For the first time, name indexes to the War Bride passenger lists for ships bound for Canada and the United States in 1946 and 1947 will be available online. The first 20,000 names are available now. More will be added at weekly intervals, and will include brides bound for Australia, South Africa and New Zealand. Data for War Brides arriving INTO Britain from overseas destinations will be included soon.

Genealogy Research

Information about War Brides from WWI go to: For all your research needs
If so how about posting it to this being a message board that covers a large area of London.
Also a message to wouldn't go amiss as that covers South London as well as Surrey.
Holland - Association Of Liberation Children These children through no fault of their own, grew up with absent and often unknown fathers and in some cases mothers! Over 50 years has passed, but not the longing they all have to know their roots. As we live in the 21st century, can we justify the right of anyone to have the question “Who am I?” go unanswered. Through these pages we hope to be able to bring together families in an understanding and loving way. Many allied soldiers themselves will have wondered what became of their Dutch friends, we can help put them in touch.
Bev Tosh's War Brides - One Way Passage
Australian Women's Land Army (AWLA), 1942-1945
Women's Timber Corp
Women's Land Army Timber Corps, The Forgotten Army of WW2
The Southern Cross Group
Australian War Brides & Their Children
Ryan Taylor - Britain War Brides Research
American WWII Orphans Network
If you're the son or daughter or family of an American who was killed in World War II, or if you simply feel as we do that these men must be remembered and honored, we're so glad you're here!
Searching For You
Location Former and Active U.S. Military Personnel
Civvy Street in World War 2
Tom Fletcher's true story of civilian life in war time.
Part 6 - The Americans
G. I. Brides- 448th Bomb Group, Norfolk, 146 Seething, UK,

G.I. Brides from Burtonwood
Many stories and photos.

More pictures of the Queen Mary

War World II Troop Ships
Crossing Dates and information about War Brides

If anyone is interested in seeing what the war bride exhibit looks like on the Queen Mary II, you can see the PDF version of the panel at

TBPA - (Transatlantic Brides and Parents Association)
Keep in touch with those British roots

GI Babies searching for fathers: Trace

Wedding Past and Present

Japanese War Brides

War Brides by Doreen Shears - from Exeter, England

Canadian War Brides
(This is not the same site as the one below.)

Canadian War Brides

A war bride's perspective on immigration laws
Canadian War Brides Stories at Pier 21

Reference Guide for Veterans and Military Websites

"Honor Your Notable Women"


Veterans Alliance Service Center

How GIs and Frauleins Fraternized in Berlin

War Brides Remain Close Throught Years

Italian War Brides Celebrates 60 Yrs. in Lansing

Trans-Atlantic love:the war brides' story

Couple Rita and Vic Jocis, Sixty years ago, Congress passed a law easing immigration rules so war brides could come to America.

Letters from Paris

D-Day Wedding Gets Second Chance

Letters of love

Love boat to America

From Britain, with love

Remenbrance of Our Fallen GIs

War Brides by Brenda J. Wilt

War bride makes time for travel and writing

War Bride Brings Culture to Idaho Falls

A Scottish War Bride comes to Texas

Our Grandmothers' Stories: The War Bride

Belgian war bride plans 60th wedding anniversary

Georgia was an ocean apart from the life she knew . . .

Six Intriguing People - The Austrian War Bride

Love, war and an act of Congress Sunny Sansing reminisces about her marriage to a dashing Army officer and the fears of starting a new life in a new country.

"It Wasn't All War"

How It Was Then as told by Margaret Tapster

‘She picked me up at a dance one night’
Joan and Bill Bentson

Whither Thou Goest
WAR BRIDES: an investigation and comparion of the experience of Candian and American wartime marriages.

The Children They Left Behind by Janet Baker

From the book “Ellis Island Interviews” by Peter Morton Goan

1/26/1946 - The War Bride Express
A ship full of women, some with children set sail from Southampton, England to New York.

Thelma Symonds,
Aussie War Bride

Legend, Rising Star Highlight Tanglewood Jazz Festival
British War Bride, Marian McPartland

Reminisce Issue War Bride
Sheila Paras

'English war bride' honored for her service
Joy Davis

Fraternization — and consequences Young, reckless, open-eyed GIs broke social taboos, found war brides, racist laws, VD,
Japan Times

Voted in every election since becoming a U.S. citizen
Elizabeth Donohue, an Irish native

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