The American War Bride Experience

GI Brides of World War II

USAT Fred C. Ainsworth

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Olive H. McAlister and dau. Aneita G., May 15, 1946; Boyanup, West Australia > New London, Cunnecticut

Dorothy Frances (Craig) LUSK and d. Ronda; April 1946, Mt Hawthorn. Perth West Aust. > Akron, Ohio.

Doreen (White) Battle, Mar. 1946; Subiaco, West Australia > US

Shirley (Andrew) Tronic, April 1946; Perth, Western Australia >Worchester, Massachusetts

Kathleen (McCormack) Heeren, May 1946; Perth, Australia > Worthington, Minnesota

Jackie Hansen , ; Fremantle, West Australia > San Francisco, CA

Jacqueline (White) Hansen , 1946; Perth, Western Australia > Cupertino, California

Marian (Fell) Walker Stork, ; Sydney, New South Wales, Australia > Japan

Elsie O. (Irons) Richard, ; Clermont, Australia > San Diego, California

Beryl (Lynch) Colvin, 1946; West Leederville, Western Australia > Missouri.


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