The American War Bride Experience

GI Brides of World War II

Edmund B. Alexander

From Southampton, Gen. Alexander with 955 war brides and children
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Lilian (Stone) Rennie; June 28, 1946; Fixby, Huddersfield, Yorkshire, England > Asher, Oklahoma

Kathleen H.M.Wood and dau. Dianne and son name unknown; June 28, 1946 England > returned because they were abandoned.

Alexandra [Socha] Neton and son Vincent, 11 Sep 1947; Poland > Pennsylvania, from grandson, David Keckan

Christine [Nunn] Kocienski, May 1, 1946; London, England > Massena, N.Y.

Dorothy M. [Beagles] Wheeler and dau. Elizabeth, 28 June 1946; England > US

Maria A. Jones, with dau. Susan E,: June 28, 1946, Germany > New York

Barbara (Drake) Jacobson; Mar. 27, 1946, Ipswich, England > Ames, Iowa

Barbara Gehrum, with daughter Susan Elizabeth; May 1st, 1946, Blackpool, Lancs > Metuchen, N.J.

Kathleen Silkett; Easter Sunday 1946, West Yorkshire, England > California

Ruth (Boileau) [Poore] Batchen; Mar. 1946, Liverpool, England > Cut Bank, Montana

Jeanita C. Camm; Mar 12, 1946, England > US

Thelma (Tina) Falbo; May 1946, Stoke-on-Trent, England > now living in Marina del Rey, CA

Olive Betty (Southgate) Knapp and son Barry Knapp; April 25, 1946; Stowmarket, Suffolk, England > St. Joseph, Michigan and arrived New York City on May 6, 1946

Additional E.B. Alexander information. These names appear.

page 303 of the manifest of Alien Passengerr list. All sailed arrived 1st. May 1946 in NYC.

Brady, Janet L., 6 mos.
Brain, Catherine, 20 yrs and William, 8 mos.
Braley, Barbara, 20 yrs and Patricia L., 20 mos
Brewsaugh, Rosann, 23 yrs. and Clarence C., ? mos.
Brittingham, Audrey E., 20 yrs. and Cheryl V., 3 mos.
Brown, Leyetta, 24 yrs. with Susan C., 2 yrs and David R. Jr., 2 mos.
Brown, Stella, 22 yrs. and Robert J., 7 mos
Burby, Eunice, 29 yrs. and Sylvia J., 7 mos
Callaghan, Elizabeth, 24 yrs. and Mary E., 6 wks.
Callery, Josephine, 31 yrs. and Nancy M., 9 mos.
Carlberg, Jane, 25 yrs. with Lawrence J., 20 mos. and Peter A., 6 wks.
Carlson, Anne B., 29 yrs. and Lester R. 6 wks.

Regards,Pat Slice

I have additional E.B. Alexander information. These names appear on the same page as my mother's passenger listing. At the top of the list, it notes that all of these ladies were to have sailed on the Washington, but all sailed on the Alexander. I've been told that was common.

page 37 of the passenger list. Group 17-G. All sailed 18 Mar 1946 and arrived in NYC on 27 March 1946.

Bryden, Olive; Ickenham, Middx, England > Springfield, MA
Mina Burk, Hanwell, London, England > Jackson City, Mich
Josephine Butcher, Liverpool, England > West Caldwell, NJ
Daphne Calabrese, Sherborne, Dorset, England > NYC
Bessie Hope Caldwell, Harrow Weald, Middx., England > Monrovia, CA
Grace Callahan, Coventry, Warwicks, England > Ft. Lauderdale, FL
Mary Callaghan, N. Petersborough, England > Brooklyn, NY

Marjorie M. Brozenske; Mar. 18, 1946 > arrived Mar. 27, 1946 NYC
Sheila Boyer
Beryl Craven
Tannia Gallougher
Merrill DeMillo
Regards,Kathleen Ritchie

Marjorie I. Moyer (Meyer) and daughter, Ruth; Mar.18, 1946; Exeter, Devon. England > NY
Eva Foster; Mar. 18, 1946 > NYC, Mar. 27, 1946
Mary R. Dally; Mar. 18, 1946 > NYC Mar. 27, 1946
Irene (Parr) Brennan; Mar 18, 1946 > Bootle, Liverpool, England > NYC on Mar. 27, 1946 > Coventry, Rhode Island; from daughter Kathleen
Jean ?, March 1946; England > Lynchburg, Virginia
Cecilia Joan Selhorst and son; Mar. 46; Oxford, ENG > US
June Romano; Mar. 46; Plumstead, London, ENG > US
Winifred M. Porter; Mar. 1945; England > Loogoolie, IL
Louise Feraniak, Mar. 1945; England > Chicago, IL
Barbara Guley Braley and daughter Patricia; 22 Apr. '46 - Reading, Berks,England > Chicago, IL, landed in N.Y. on 1st May '49 with 511 adults and 387 babies.
Ingeborg (Kriege) Klumph, Dec. 15, 1948; Berlin, Germany > Painesville, Ohio
Hildegard (Klosterhuber) Few, Dec. 1948; Munich, Germany > Doniphan, Missouri

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