The American War Bride Experience

GI Brides of World War II

General Thomas H. Barry

29 May 1946, New York Harbor

Barry News Sailing May 14, 1947 from Leghorn, Italy;
arriving May 24, 1947 in New York

Ester [Uggento] Riegle; Sept. 1946; Naples, Italy to Niles, Ohio

S. "Lydia" Riley, Nov. 3, 1946; Naples, Italy > Arlington, MASS

Dina [Barsanti] Olinski, July 27, 1946; Foro, Lucca, Italy > Ohio

Maria Teresa Albino-Hellman, August 1946, Naples, Italy > Glen Cove, N.Y.

Alice Wolk, June 19, 1949; Badapert, Hungary > New York. (Now living in Florida)

Marie (Martin) Giguere and son, Ralph Donat Giguere, 1947; Portsmouth, England > Maine (from daughter, Giguere, Lynda )

Evelyn Emilie Stiff Carter, April 1947; Witham, Essex, England > Grand Saline, Texas (from daughter Diana Sheppard)

Jacqueline (Dupanloup) Williams; Mar. 30, 1946 - April 1946; born in Paris, France left from Casablanca French Morocco.

Eileen Sabin Taylor; May 7, 1946 - England > New York

Gwendoline Jones Amato; May '46 - Weoley Castle Estate, Birmingham, England > Rhode Island

Maria Lajoie and son, Anthony; Sept. 19, 1946 - Naples, Italy > New York City.

Eleonore (Bahmann) Walter, Nov 1948 via MATS; Frankfurt, Germany > Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Lieselotte (Hartenberger) Brewer, Dec. 5, 1948; Munich, Germany > US

Hildegard (Tranitz) Savage, June 18, 1949; Dresden, Germany > Pasadena, California

Juliana (Schuehle) Zombek, ; Karlsruhe, Germany > Wheeling, West Virginia


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