American War Bride Experience

War Brides Questionnaire
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*Your Name:
Your E-mail address:
*War Bride's Name (Maiden):
Her Hometown and Country:
*Husband's Name:
Husband's Military Co., if known:
Husband's Hometown:
Where did you meet your husband?
Where were you married?
How old were you?
What was your class? Middle income, Lower income etc:
What was your spouse's class?
What preparation did you do before coming to the US?
Where did you live while your husband was away?
Did you work during the war?
Did your standard of living decline?
What was your first year like?
Did you divorce?
How long after your marriage?
Ship's Name:
Port of Departure:
Date of Departure:
Arrival Port:
Date of Arrival:
What was your trip like?

Was the ship all War Brides?
Did you come alone?
Was your husband waiting for you at port?
How did you got to your new hometown after arriving at port?
What were your first impressions of U.S.?
How were you treated?
How did the town people treated you?
Did you like your new home and in-laws?
Did you have to learn English?
Would you do it again?
Did you ever return to your homeland?
Did any of your family member follow you to the states? (Parents, siblings)
Did you teach your children your native language?

Please complete this thought.
"I am going to an unknown land to live with a man I hardly know..."

Your War Bride Story or Comments (Photos are welcome):
Some sugguestions:

I am happy to provide this information to help with the preparation of any exhibition or book on War Brides. I understand that my story may be published in the future and give my permission.

Thank you for taking the time to answer my questionnaire. Please print this copy for your own record.