The American War Bride Experience

GI Brides of World War II


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Ellen (Bailey) McKern; April 1, 1946, London, England > Penn.

Avril M. (Wainwright) Meehan and daughter Robina; April/May 1946, North London, England > Seattle, Washington

Averinal (Rena) Popivchak; Feb. 1946, Shoreditch, London, England > now living in Carnegie, PA

Rena ( ) Popivchak; Feb. 1946; High Wycole, Buck, England > London, England > Carnegie, Pa.

Marguerita (Connelly) DeMarini; Feb. 1946, Bootle, Liverpool, England > Framingham, Mass. dau. AnnMarie DeMarini

Dorothy Gough Cooper; ?; Wirrall, Bebbington, Cheshire, England > Birmingham, Al.


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