The American War Bride Experience

GI Brides of World War II

John Ericsson

HISTORY: ex- Kungsholm, 1942 US Gov't troopship renamed John Ericsson, 1946 chartered from US Gov't for 9 voyages. 1948 sold to Home Lines, Panama renamed Italia.

Irene M. Skibiak and dau, Christine; 30 March 1946, England > Phila, Pennsylvania

Catherine O. [Chilvers] Remmenga, 30 March 1946, Suffolk, England > St. Louis, Missouri

Freda[Waddington] Riffle; 30 May 1946, England > New Lexington, Ohio

Lucy Cullen-Reichl and son, Gerald L., 30 March 1946; England > US

Doris [Twist] Baker, 20 June 1946; Plymonth, England > West Virginia

Ivy Strother, 29 April 1946; England > Louisburg, N.C.

Betty [Bonser] McKernie; Mar 46, London, England > Albany, Georgia

Valerie E. Sinyard, May 2nd. 1946; Bristol, England > Alabama

Miriam Stage, May 1946; High Wycombe, Bucks., England > San Diego, CA

Una Lum, ; Leicester, England > Portland, Oregon

Catherine Fogarty, July 1946; UK > Michigan

Catherine A. Kiefer, April 1946; UK > US Catherine came with 823 other brides in 1946

Lilliam Wilson, Isle of Wright > Baltimore, MD > Bismarck, N.D.

Florence "Peggy" Gertrude Smith Johnson, June 46; Walsall, England > Long Beach, Calif.

From the New York Times, Feb. 26, 1946
"The U.S.S. Ericsson is schedules to leave England with 1,145 wives and children of servicemen, including these from the Greater Kansas City (Mo)."
Mrs. Mary Robinett
Mrs. Nolsa C. Marsh, husband, George E. Marsh
Mrs. Joan M. Elb and daughter, husband James W. Elb.
Marjorie Quinn Medley and daughter; Feb. 1946; England > Kansas City, Mo.
Mrs. Beatrice E. Rankin, husband Charles J. Rankins
Mrs. Eileen I. Hagdick, husband John M. Hagdick

The U.S.S. Ericsson left from Liverpool Lime Street Station to South Hampton. Originally she was to sail on the S. S. Santa Paula.
Upon arrival in New York, New York they boarded a train for the Greater Kansas City, Missouri area.

The following names were found on a ship menu dating Nov. 1946.
Jenny Jones
Anna Jones
Donald Smith
Constance Smith
Wilbert F. Apps
Gertrude L. Apps?
Audrey V. Everhart
Blanche Mathews
Nettie Anne Wright

Elizabeth Orr Line, July 20, '46; Liverpool, England > Arizona

March 30, 1946
Florence M. Liles
Marjoire Lilly
Grace P.Letts
Joyce E. Lewandowski
Elie M. Lucas
Mary E. Lynam
Sylvia E. Mackey
Freda N. Magie
Ivy G.B. Malley
Gladys B. Main
Lena Mandelbaum
Alice Markowski
Beryl Matza
Delia L. Maxwell
Muriel Meek
Phyllis S. Merrithew
Phyllis M. Meyer
Ruby M. Millington
Doris Modisette
Teresa E. Molineaux
Nellie E.L. Morris
Barbara Morriss
Helen Moulton
Eileen Orton and son Michael; Hartfordshire, England > Algona, Iowa

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