The American War Bride Experience

GI Brides of World War II


A brutalized world
Begins to heat
Aboard stark, cold ships
Young girls journey
To world of wonder,
To strangers
Married in passion's haste.

Tearful partings,
Forsaken homelands.
Family and friends
Now painful memories,
Of a time forever lost.

Shards of a past life
Encumber a tattered suitcase.
With child cradled upon her breast,
She steps ashore trembling.
Bravery, fear, love and regret
Besiege her soul, awaken her senses.

Her young soldier's promise,
True test of their hurried love.
Some wait in terrifying abandon.
Others embrace the genesis of new life.

Reality of a fortunate few exceed the dream.
Rich tapestry of American ideals
Slowly obscures war bride's courage
As her family prospers.

A grateful child reflects upon what might have been.
Love of family, bounty of life, enrich his world.
Were it not for a young women's daring
A lifetime ago,
He knows there is nothing.

© 2004 by Mono V. D'Angelo

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