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U.S.A.T. Henry Gibbins

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Telegraph, Wednesday, March 6, 1946 (Ulster)
Brides Sailing On The Henry Gibbins

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Doris Burk and daughter, Barbara; March 6, 1946; Dunmurry, No. Ireland > Clovis, New Mexico

(On Mar. 6, 46 the Henry Gibbins left Belfast with 314 wives (35 from Eire) and 140 children.) To view the Belfast Telegraph photos stop by "Photos"

Beryl J. Nagle and son Robert; Sept. 13, 46; Southampton, England > New York

Catherine Beskitt; Mar. 15, 1946; Belfast, N. Ireland > New York

Simone Marousek, Jan. 8, 1947, Antwerp, Belgium > Chicago, IL

Mary Norma (Armstrong) Roger and daughter, Norma; July 29, 1946 from LeHavre; London, England > Quincey, ILL., from dau.Linda

Patricia Agnes (Taylor) Lee; April 12, 1946, Magherafelt, Northern Ireland > Texas > Louisiana daughter, Sheila

Albert I. Calistan; April 19, 1947; male war brides from Southampton, England > US

Peggy Floerchinger;, Liverpool, England > Conrad, Montana

Nancy Benson; Aug. 6, 1946, Warrenpoint Co. Down, N. Ireland > Pell Lake, WI (from Carrs)

Mary Christina (Murphy) Arnold and daughter Rosemary; Mar. 6, 1946, Bandon, Co. Cork, N. Ireland > Albany, New York (from daughter Pat)

Margaretta Maude Bothwell; Mar. 1946, Belfast, N. Ireland > SanAntonio, TX

Marcelle Vandeweghe Rodrigues; 1946; Marcinelle, Belgium > Somerville, MA

Thank you, Catherine Jeske for the following names. These women were on the ship with her mother Jessie Mitchell Ericksen.
Jessie Mitchell Ericksen, 3 April 1946; Belfast, Northern Ireland > Stanley, Wisconsin (from daughter Catherine Jeske)

Mrs. Doyle Etter; Seattle, Washington

Mrs. Earl (Jean) Halverson

Mrs. Ernest Palmer, Oregon

Mrs. A. J. Smith, California

Mrs. Gerry Stanke, Nampa, Illinois

Mrs. Milo (Edie) Schuiteman, Grand Rapids, Michigan

*Ann (Kadlecova) Lucas; June 1946, Czecoslovakia > US

*March 7, 1946; 314 wives, 140 children; Northern Ireland and Eire

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