The American War Bride Experience

GI Brides of World War II

Why a website?

As a daughter of a foreign war bride and a daughter-in-law of an American war bride, I feel their stories are a very neglected area in American history. Whether a war bride in the US working in factors, helping with the War efforts, raising a child that he has yet to see. Or whether she's a war bride living thru the hells of war in one's homeland trying to rebuilt what was taken away. These are a remarkable group of women, truly the Greatest Generation. Their stories are fascinating and romantic. I am collecting their stories for a book so that others will understand what life was like for these women, to bring awareness to the next generations.

What were some of the new experiences they faced?
What were some of the funny things that happen?
What was life like while husbands were away?
Would they do it again?
What did they learned?
What can we all learn?

If your grandmother, mother, or another family member was a War Bride, please take the time to obtain her oral history.
Share your's, your mother's or your grandmother's memories with me.
Time is running out and we need to collect these stories. Please help me do this.
If you decide not to fill-in my questionnaire, please print it out and answer them for your children and grandchildren. They will enjoy learning about your experiences. Don't let your story go untold.
Please tell others about my website or send me their addresses so I can mail them a letter telling them about my project. Thank you.

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