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Queen Mary

Following the signing of the armistice in May 1945, the role of Queen Mary was switched to repartriating American GI's back to America. In January 1946 Queen Mary began the process of returning war-brides to America. It would be while repartriating warbrides that Queen Mary would make the fastest crossing of the Atlantic in her career: three days, 22 hours and forty minutes. Following her final repartriation voyage in September 1946, Queen Mary was released from military service and returned to Southampton for a complete refit that would see her returned to her pre-war glory. On 31 July 1947 Queen Mary sailed on her first post-war voyage. For the first time she sailed in tandem with her sistership Queen Elizabeth, beginning a two decades long reign as the ultimate passenger ships in service.
From Wartime Story of RMS Queen Mary

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Doreen Betty [Fletcher] DePue; Mar. 1, 46; England > Los Angles, CA

From newspaper article of war brides arrived 21 April 1946 and coming to Iowa

Mary C. King; Blackpool > Bedford
Phylamena C. Gray; Southampton > Blencoe
Eva Stewart; Bristow > Clapham
Evelyn J. Haller and son Stephen L; Barstol > Burlington
Gwendoline D. Greene; Bradford > Cedar Rapids
Marie Ryan; Belfast > Cedar Rapids
Joyce Teater; Liverpool > Corydon
Edith B. Nehlsen, son Michael E.; Fermanagh > Davenport
Dorothy L. Haugh, Cardiff > Des Moines
Margaret J. Leute and daughter, Jacqueline; London > Dubuque
Mary R. Hafke and son Paul A.; Corby > Fayette
Mary Gelino; Aberdeenshire > Fort Dodge
Esme Hensen; Letchworth > Fort Dodge
Irene Lee; Norton > Forest City
Glenys M. Duis and daughter Glenys; Suffolk > Gilmore City
Edna M. Wichael; Blackburn > Hamburg
Mary Wilkinson; Wigan > Lamoni
Mary Carrol and daughters Cleo B. and Leola M. ; Larne Harbour > Luther
Evelyn J. Fitzgerald and daughter Judith; Norfolk > Luzerne
Margaret C. Myers and son Michael; Belfast > Marshalltown
Eleanor M. VanEvery and son David A.; Old Basford > Mason City
Elsie E. Butterfield; Cambridge > McGregor
Vera Sparks; Fleetwood > Moville
Ruby M. Evans and son Paul L.; Warrington > Osceola
Jeanie M. Bragg; Bristol > Sioux City
Peggy B. Elkins and son Darrel E.; Bedford > Sioux City
Margaret D. Daltmann and son Kenneth W.; Dumfries > Sioux City
Gertrude Samore; Victoria Park > Sioux City
Daphne Johnson and son Brian; Colchester > Storm Lake
Elizabeth L. McCracken; Bromwich > Waterloo
Joyce E. VanDuyn; Wolverhampton > Waterloo
Evelyn D. Williams and daughter Susan M. Williams; Horfield > Waterloo
Eileen Malone; Surrey > Wiota

Millie Taschek; April 21, 1946; Westhoughton, England > Darlington, Wisc.

Gladys Totman and children Llewellyn Cubitt and Lisa; April 21, 1946; England > Lancaster, Wisc.

Ruby [Gibbons](Kranz) Stafford and dau. Karen J.; April 21, 1946; High Wycombe, England > Iron Mountain, Mich.

Doris M. Churchill, children Marlene and Anthony Toogood; March 1, 1946; Bristol, England > Gravity, Iowa

Maisie E. [Saw] Frazier and dau, Susan P.; March 18, 1946; High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire, England > Washington, PA

Margaret M. [Holcroft] Cushing and dau. Margaret "Mary"; April 4, 1946; Ireland > Chicago, IL

Edna Wasielewski; March 18, 1946; England > US, from son

Nancy [Woodcock] Burris and dau. Jane; Feb. 10, 1946; Oxford, England > Indianapolis, IN

Beryl Margaret [Watts] Pykiet; Feb.10, 1946; Hayes, Middlesex, Cardiff Wales > Port Huron, Michigan from daughter Jackie

Jean [O'Neill] Harriman; March 1, 1946; Craydon, Surrey, England > Albany, NY

Lilah M. Contine; Feb. 10, 1946; Weymouth, Dorset. Enlgand > St. Charles, MO

Joyce A. [Ford] Dawe; March 18, 1946; England > Chicago, IL

Eileen M. [Ford] Dawe; March 18, 1946; England > Chicago, IL

Winfred M. Ciuffo; March 1, 1946; Warrington, England > Los Banos, CA

Joan M. LaCurto (Locurto); April 4, 1946; England > Brooklyn, NY

Zita G Bowley, 18 Mar 1946; Eype, Nr., Bridport, Dorset, England > West.Va

Betty Leighty; Feb. 10, 1946; London, England > Ohio

Gwendoline O'Neill and daughter, Diannae; March 1, 1946, London, England > Cottage City, Maryland

Mary Walker Clark; April 1, 1946; Snibson, England > N.Y.

Kathleen P. Maiura; April 21, 1946; England > Oneida, N.Y.

From Susan From a newspaper clipping of a picture showing the following women and children. And the caption is shown below the picture of them. The heading of the article is " British War Brides Arrive on Queen Mary.

Mrs. Eileen O'Connell, wife of Thomas O'Connell, Norman, Okla. with baby Elizabeth.
Mrs. Queenie Shanks, wife of Sergeant Louis Shanks, Pottsville, Pa.
Mrs. Betty E. Nedick, wife of Abe Nedick, Newark, N.J.
Mrs. Margaret Litwin, wife of Donald Litwin, now in an Army Hospital in Virginia.
Mrs. Jean Hedger, wife of David Hedger, Eldorado, ILL., with son, Richard
Mrs. Elsa Roddenborn, wife of Lieutenant Wilfred Roddenborn, Fort Dodge, Ia., with daughter, Lorraine, as they landed in New York yesterday.

Barbara M. Carline, and daughter, Beverley A.C., April 21, 1946; Huntingdon Cambs. England > Pontiac, Mich.
from niece Wendy

(These war brides landed in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada) Marjorie Annie Alstead and daughters Marion and Virginia, May 23 1946; Reigate, Surry, England > Amarillo, TX

Norah Brentley, May 23, 1946; Wolverhampton, England > Jamestown, N.Y.

Nora Cote and son Dennis, May 23 1946; London, England > Franklin, NH

Mary Crawley, May 23, 1946; Culcrown, Northern Ireland > Niagara Falls, NY

Faith Vaughan and son, Ralph; May 23, 1946, London, England > Niagara Fall, NY

Phyllis McLeod and son Beryl J.; May 23, 1946, Liverpool, England > Greenville, Maine

Phyllis A. Scudder, May 23, 1946; Sevenoak, England > Buffalo, NY

Lilian [Jakeman] Ketterer, March 1, 1946; Coventry, England > Buffalo, NY
from Lisa

Yvanne J. Gallagher, 1 April 1946; Bloton, England > LaPorte, Indiana

Alice Jonas and dau. Jacqueline, 1 Mar. 1946; London, England > LaPoarte, Indiana

Joan Creen, 1 March 1946; Colchester, England > Moline, IL

Lilian M. Burnet; 1 March 1946; England > Hanna City, IL

Mary Platt Markoski and dau. Patricia, May 10, 1946; England > Connecticut

Doreen Arrington and son Adrian J.; March 18, 1946, England > US

Iris E. Everett; May 10, '46, England > USA

Esme Lorenzo; May 10,'46, Leeds, England > New Jersy from son Paul

Frances P. Lopez; 21 April 1946, Wigan, Lancaster, England > US from daughter, Lynne

Iris Thompson; 15 MAY 1946, Taffs Well, Glamorgashire, England > Turney, Texas

Joan Jordan and son Martin; Feb. 10, 1946, Wheelton, Lancashire, England > West Duluth, Minn.

Eileen W. Balhorn and son Reginald; April 21, 1946, England > Texas

Josephina Silver and dau. Sandra; April 4, 1946; England > US

Jean (McNeish) Jordan and son, Martin P.;, Chorley, England > Duluth, Minn.

Peggy Wharton; Feb. 46; Devizes & Marlborough, England > North Carolina

Rosalind (Holverson) Dickerson; Feb 1946, London, England > Lucedale, Mississippi, from son, Alan

Lilian (Jakeman) Ketterer; Feb 25, 1946, Coventry, England > Buffalo, New York, from daughter,Lisa

Sylvia Harris, England

Florence (Willis) Church; March, 1946; Winwick, (Lancashire) Cheshire, England > Purlear, North Carolina

Violet (Hruges) Murray and daughter Lesley; , Bristol, England > MS

Dorothy Collins, March 3, 1946; Hammersmith, London, England > Winnsboro, TX

Joan Sarah (Ainger) Burton and son Christopher, Feb. 1946; from daughter Jill

Maude "Doris" Dartnell Seilhymer; , Walthemstow, London, England > Danville, ILL from daughter, Vickie

Dorothy Guymer Collins; Feb 27th 1946 (approximately), Paddington London England > El Paso, Texas, now resides in Winnsboro, Texas

Julia Amundson, March 1, 1946; London, England > Long Beach, CA

Joan Shaw; April 10, 1946, England > Corona del Mar, CA

Iris Higginson Dagg; May 21, 1946, Brighton, Sussex, England > US

Marie Elizabeth Houtz; 1946, England > Montana

Joyce Vashro; , London, England > Butte, Montana

Irene Owen; , Manchester, England > Harlowton, Montana

Ellen (Baird) Halpert, 1946; Kilkeel, Northern Ireland > California

Lilian VanVooren, 1946; Northampton, England > Moline, IL

Nellie (Haywood) ? and daughter; Sept. 14, 1947, Lancaster, England > Chicago, IL

Elizabeth Jenkins; , Lancaster, England > USA

Doris Hockman; Mar. 1946, Gloucester, England > now living in Somers, NY

Daphine Depold; April 1946, Woodford, Essex, England > now living in Campbell, CA

Mrs. Earl E. Brannon, ; Newport, South Wales > Westville, Oklahoma

Doreen Mosely, ; Derby, England > Texas

Nellie Haywood and daughter, Sept. 14, 1946; Lancaster, England > Chicago, Illinois

Mrs. Sandoval and son Walter, March 1945; Southport Lancs, England > San Antonio, TX

Vera Audrey (Cracknell) Long, Apr. 4,1946; Wembley, Middlesex, England > Washington D.C.
(author of "From Britain With Love: WWII Pilgrim Brides Sail to America")

Hilda May (Gardner) Harless and daughter, Carol Joy, April, 1946; Much Wenlock, Shropshire, England > Bellepoint, West Virginia (from G3dharland)

*One groom, Lt. Comdr. Robert H. Barrow of Bermuda was on the ship to be with his American wife.

Jennie (Jonees) Tidwell, April 1946; South Hampton, England > Wainwright, OK
Barbara Brisbin, Mar 18, 1946; Glasgow Scotland > US

Aboard The Queen Mary Newsletter

Feb. 25, 1946 Vol.II No. 2

from Beverly Cameron
Mona Bewig
Jean Cahill
Grace Coker
Sylvia Edmunds
Mary Earls
Irene Brady
Nancy Jones
Sheila Bolstor
Winifred Waterman (youngest W.B. at age 16) and son Donald > N.Y.
Irene Hunt Keller and son Clyde John > Middlesboro, Kentucky
Muriel Veller > Buffalo, N.Y.
Mrs. O'Rourke and daughter Anne > St. Louis, Missouri
Mrs. A.P. Couch and son Kenneth > Walla Walla, Washington

Feb. 26, 1946 Vol. II No. 3
Mrs. Joe Tox (first W.B. married Aug. 1942) > Hertford City, Indiana
Ann Gagneaux > New Orleans, LA
Connie Fletcher, Jr. > Mores Hill, Indiana
Jacqueline Kinchloe and son Robert > Los Angeles, Calf.
Edith Jennings of Harrow
Celia Crotzer of London
Jane Badger of London
Rena Bates of N. Devon
Betty Cuevis of Swindon
Joy Corey of Swindon
Irene Capatorti of London
Gwen Bujnowsky of Cornwell
Edna Brumbaugh of London
Stella Battani
Jane Badger of Oxford
A. Blevens of Kettering
Mrs. Cappelli
Gwen Brzozowski of Harrow
Margaret Lily (Harrison) Darr and dau. Beverly Cameron
Thank you Beverly Cameron for sending these newletters to me.

Jennie (Jonees) Tidwell, April 1946; Southhampton, England > Wainwright, Oklahoma

Jean (Marshall) Doktor and daughter, Susan Margaret, April 1946; Bedfore, Bedfordshire, England > New York from Stuart Marshall

Grace W. Swetman Bobo and daughter, Kathleen : Apr. 46; England > NY.

Williamina (Ina) Ervine and daughter, Agnes; Mar.1946 - Dundee, Angus, Scotland > Connerville, Indiana

Mary Love McDonough; Mar. 1946 - Coat Bridge, Scotland > Boston, MA

Mary Frances Beddison Flemming; ? - London, Eng. > Canada

Evelyn Nind Barnes; May 10, 1946 - Worcester, Eng. > Rome, PA

Laura Rolton Cronk; ? - Norbury, London, Eng. > N.Y., N.Y.

Mary Sullivan Hampton; -;

Hannah (Ann) Miller, England > USA

Sylvia M. Bowman Oylear with daughter, Janet - Mar. '46 - Eng. > Braintree, MA

Peggy Kathleen Richardson DiPaul, with son, Parris; - April 1946 - Bedford, England > Phila. PA

Joan Wood Merriman Johnston, with son Malcolm; March 1946 - Stoke on Trent, England > Bristol,Connecticut
*Peggy Jauncey Johnson; Feb. 46; Bedford, ENG > US
*Joyce Peattie; Feb. 46; ENG > US
*Mary Coffman; Feb. 46; ENG > US
*Lily Vicky DiNaro and twins; Feb. 46; ENG > US
Lorna Walch; Feb. 4, 1946; Caernavon, Gwynedd, North Wales > St. Louis, MO

Here's a handful of names from the September 14,1946 sailing of the Queen Mary to Halifax and New York:
US Army:
Anderson, Delcie E M
Archer, Hazel R B
Armstrong, Isabella D
Auriat, Doreen E, and Francis aged 2

Royal Canadian Air Force:
Beckwith, Christina
Bennett, Violet E, and Primrose A E M aged 18 months
Billings, Mary E
Bowen, Minnie
Buff, Phyllis M
Campbell, Jeanie S
Carriere, Pemia J A (Holland)
Carroll, Rebecca
Clough, Gwendoline V
Corbin, Joan M, and Susan W A aged 3 months
Cuthill, Anne T
Davis, Doris E, and Jacqueline D D aged 3
Derry, Elsie E
Desmarais, Elsie
Dionne, Margaret J
Donaldson, Mary J and Avril Joyce aged 3
Easuni, Vera J (this name has been overwritten.. it was spelt Easvn... can anyone confirm the correct spelling?)
Egan, Iris

The accompanying document reads:

"Draft Repat/70, Amend 2

Canadian Wives Bureau, Civilian Repatriation Scheme

Here with alphabetical nominal roll amendment no 2 of Service Dependants for return to Canada on the marginally noted draft. This summary cancels previous one dated 7 December 1946. This is a complete nominal roll; however, should it be necessary to make any further corrections, all concerned will be notified.
It was sent from Sackville House, 40 Picadilly, London W1 on 14 September 1946 and signed by Lt Col G L Harrington, Office i/c, Civilian Repatriation Section, Canadian Wives Bureau. "
The document contains statistics broken down to show families of Officers, Warrant Officers, Sergeants and Other Ranks. It's then been subdivided as follows:
adults, 700
girls or boys under 1 year, 128 boys, 172 girls
girls and boys aged 1-5, 102 boys, 92 girls
5-12, 15 boys, 10 girls
Over 12, 6 boys and 4 girls.

They made a total of 1268 persons. The ship was also carrying a number of girls and children bound for the United States and it is not immediately clear whether they are included in the statistics above.
The ship also carried a number of regular civilian passengers.
The passenger list is held among the large collection at the Public Record Office in Kew, England in box reference BT27/1600. They are all on public access but the PRO are unable to conduct searches themselves due to the time-consuming nature of such searches. (And because they haven't catalogued them separately so they would have to spend a long time even identifying the reference numbers for each ship before they could begin the search - the only such catalogueing has been done by myself, and sadly the PRO were not interested when I offered my research to them. A pity)
Debbie Beavis,


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