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My Aunt maybe the lady standing between the bride and bridemaid.

I would appreciate some help.
This photograph is of a WW2 wedding that came into my possession after my older brother's death. This is the first positive clue in my long search for my mother's sister and her descendents. I'll keep this story as short as I can.

My mother and her older sister were brought up in Nazareth House Orphanage in Lancaster, England. My mother died in 1945 when I was 11 yrs. old and contact with my aunt Annie Crowe (Maiden name) was broken. When I acquired the above photograph I was able to identify the church via the internet (as I now live in Australia). The church is St Peter and Paul Church, in Wallasey/New Brighton, England. The Parish Priest has confirmed that the photograph is of his church. He tells me seven weddings to USA servicemen took place between 1943 and 1945. I have been able to contact the descendents of one such marriage and eliminate them from my search. The remaining six are:

1/Sept/43 Anthony Leonard Mary Roozen, 25 Broadway New York married Dorothy Theresa Poole of New Brighton.

7/May/45 Lawrence R Gruntrum, 96 Falconer St, Frewsburg, New Jersey married Joan Glynn of Mount Pleasant St New Brighton.

8/Aug/45 John Thomas Nangle, 525 Barry Ave, Chicago, married Margaret Cassidy of 3 Curzon Ave New Brighton.

14/Sept/45 William Bryan Anderson of Clifton House, Castle Rock married Edith Mary Golightly.

21/Sept/45 Thomas Manetta of 297 Stockton St, Brooklyn N.Y. married Renee Catherine Mann.

6/Nov/45 William McDonald Wilson married Lillian Frances Hennessey.

If anyone can identify the bride and groom in the photograph or any of the people named by the Parish Priest would you please let me know.
May Pigrum
Melbourne, Australia.

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