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29 Feb 2000
Hello Luvs,

I'm from Liverpool, England and sailed to the U.S.A. aboard the USS John Ericsson on July 20, 1946. Still a young chick at heart and would like to hear from anyone who sailed to the U.S. from Southampton, Eng. at that time who is still alive and kicking!
My name is Elizabeth Orr- Line, I live in Arizona so get in touch if you can. Thanks!

27 Dec 1999
For the last 10 years I have been searching for my husband's mother. Unfortunately, we do not have her married name. Her maiden name was Patricia DAVIES & she came from Golders Green, London, England & went to the US approximately 1947-48. If anyone knows of her or her US family, please get in touch.
Elaine Edney, email address
16 Nov 1999
I have been trying for some time to find two sisters who married Canadians - probably French Canadians. Trouble is I never met them - they are distant cousins - and although I know their maiden names, I don't know who they married.

They were PATRICIA and MARGARET (Pat and Peggy) OLLARD.
Their father was JACK OLLARD, a cousin of my mother. JACK was in India in the Army - regiment unknown! - and he travelled around in the East a bit. He married out there, and eventually brought his family home to England. I am not sure if the girls were born in England or in the East.
I have traced most of my mother's family, but would love to fill the space below Jack's name....
If you come across any war-brides with the maiden name OLLARD (which is a very unusual name these days) I would love to have their address.
Thank you for listening! Ivy Trott
12 Nov 1999
Jean Mozley

Is there any way to contact war brides in the U.S.? I had a friend who married a G.I. but have no knowledge of his name or where they live. Her maiden name was Doreen Johnson and she lived in Derby, England. I know that her parents came to live with her after a few years. His name was Jack Johnson and her Mother's name was Bertha. I know this is an almost ridiculous request but one never knows. I came to live in Canada many years ago and often think of the old school days when Doreen was my friend. If by chance there is a newsletter service --- just maybe --- I might one day find her again. Thank you - and may I wish you the very best - from Jean Mozley ...(nee Dallison).

12 Nov 1999
(name) simone m anderson-de ceunynck
(husband) cecil j.anderson
(wife) simone m.a. de ceunynck
(Wife's Resident) deurne, antwerpen, belgium
(Location) new york, new york, june 1946

12 Nov 1999
(name) Louise Edwards - Pietroczewski (nee Michel)
(husband) Ed Edwards, was the GI, I married
(wife) Louise (Loulou)
(Wife's Resident) Liege, Belgium
(Military Co.) 494th
(Ship) Arrived on the SS Brazil
(Location) New York, May, 1946
Seeking to find others that were on the SS Brazil during April 29 to May 10, 1946.
Thank you. Loulou

11 Nov 1999
(name) Jean McGibbon-Goddard (nee. Johnson)
(husband) Arthur McGibbon (deceased)
(wife) Jean
(Wife's Resident) New Malden,Surrey.England
(Military Co.) S.H.A.E.F.
(Ship) Willard A. Holbrook
(Location) New York
Would very much like to hear from anyone who came from New Malden or sailed on the Willard A. Holbrook. I arrived in N.Y. May 4th.1946 I resided in Queens Road,New Malden,Surrey and attended Burlington Road Senior Girls school.

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