The American War Bride Experience

GI Brides of World War II


(The Mariposa followed the Monterey and made her first trip on Mar. 6, 46.) Monterey was the last ship to leave Sydney - New South Wales May 26, 1946 arriving in San Franciso, CA on June 9th, 1946.
(Feb. 46 -1st official brideship left Sydney Harbor arrived in San Franisco Mar. 3 with 562 women and 253 babies from Australia and New Zealand.)

Joan M.A. [Henderson] Eade; April 1946; Australia > US

Olga J. Simmons and dau. Pamela; July 19, 1946; Mornington, Victoria, Australia > Abilene, TX

Margaret Siler, Mar 4, 46; Melbourne, Australia > Camphill, PA

Winfred E. Barnum; Mar. 4, 1946; Liverpool, England > Norwalk, Connecticut

Vera Jernigan; April 46, Auckland, New Zealand > Kemp, Texas

Joy (Crumpton) Petersen; June 46, Melbourne, Australia > Berkeley, CA

Jean (Allen) Harrison; Mar. 1946, Sandringham, V. > US

Ada (Thompson) Horwitz; Mar. 1946, Box Hill, V. > US

Isabella (Samuels) [Tobias] Belden and daughter Eleanor; April 1946, Merredin, West Australia > Croton-On-Hudson, New York

Annette Navy and son Phillip; April 1946, Australia > Dallas, Texas

Ingrid Caesar and daughter Joy; April 1946, Australia > Los Angeles, California

May Phares, April 27, 1946, Parramatta, New South Wales > now living in Millington, TN

Pauline (Prentice) Bunting, May 1946; Parks, New South Wales > US

Linda (Cork) Schwartz, April 1946; Randwick, New South Wales > New York

Gloria (Franks) Chambers; June 1946; Brisbane, Queensland, Australia > Jacksonville, Florida

Gladys Ellen (Masters) Metcalf; June, 1946; Victoria Point, Queensland, Australia > Grand Forks, North Dakota; son Randy.

*Joy Baase; Apr. 46; ; > US

Molly Johnson Wilson; Feb. 14, 1946; Australia > US

Joan Betty (Boyle) O'Connor Stern, ; Newcastle, Australia > Brooklyn, New York

Betty (Winkworth) Blondon and daughter, Nov. 14, 1946; Newcastle, New South Wales, Australia > San Antonio, Texas

Joan (Nicholls) Patterson, Feb. 1946; Melbourne, Australia > Milford, Ohio

From Newspaper article at sent in by Iris
*Adrienne Smith
*Mrs. Harold R. Cardin
*Mrs. W. F. Langford
*Mrs. Evelyn (Waterson) Manning, ; New Zealand > Texas

Mavis Fuller m. Robert Hubbard of Muscatine< Iowa. She was born in Maugee, from daughter, Ronda.

On the back of this photo is written, "This ship is due in Sydney in the next day or two. She and her sister ship the Mariposa are engaged in returning Australian War Brides to the States. There are just about 5000 of? them out here yet.


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