The American War Bride Experience

GI Brides of World War II

Marine Phoenix

Noreen (Gorman) Brady; May 2, 1947, Bunbury, Australia > Buffalo, NY

Maud Josephine Tyrrell; May 2, 1947; Townsville, Queensland, Australia > Laconia, New Hampshire From son, Michael

Lorna (Hargreaves) Warren, Jan. 24, 1947; Healesville, Australia > Red Cliff, Colorado

Elizabeth Bridges, Feb. 1947; Springvale, Victoria, Australia > Seattle, WA

Doris Sarff; June 1947, New South Wales > now living in Seattle, WA

Doris Irenn (Medlicott) Silvernail and son Paul, 1947; Richmond, Victoria, Australia > Faribault, Minnesota (from Nancy)

Mavis Conner; July 1948, Sydney, Australia > now living in Palo Alto, CA

Betty (Goodlet) Cocot Bloom, 1947; Shenton Park, West Australia > Monticello, NY

Betty (Frazer) Greer, April 1947; Randwick, New South Wales > Virginia

Gladys (Southorn) Stander, 1947; Brisbane, Queensland >Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania


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