The American War Bride Experience

GI Brides of World War II

David C. Shanks

Joan [Askwith] (Green) Jones; June 23, 1946; Essendon, Melbourne, Australia > Mexico, Missouri

Peggy J. Dvorak; April 8, 1946; London, England > Philadelphia, PA

Wyda B. [Trimble] Metz; April 28, 1946; Sydney, New South Wales, Australia > St. Helena, CA; from daughter, Pat

Doris Magnor; June 23, 1946; Perth, Australia > Kempner, TX

Esther Irvin and daughter Karolyn, April 1946; Sydney Australia > Port Arthur, TZ

Jean (Robertson) Fargo, June 23, 1946; Melbourne, Victoria, Australia > Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Emma (Kiessling) Jones, June 23,1946; Queensland, Australia > Wildes-Barre, Pennsylvania

Pat (Gibbons) Rehrig, St. Kilda Beach, Victoria, > Philadelphia

Audree Paule [Zurkinden] McCormeck; 27 August, 1946; Shanghai China > U.S.
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