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Next year it will be 60 years for a lot of us. I wonder how many are still around that came over that year. I have been hunting for something about the John Ericcson for a long time..and finally found a site with a picture..and I have to say I didn't remember it as being that large.

We knew it was the Kungsholm in the war years because it was on all the faucets and stuff around the ship. I thought it had gone to its final doom when it caught fire in New York harbor, not too long after we came over. I still have all the papers and a few copies of the newspapers they printed for us every day and a list of all the passengers. I still correspond with the girl who came over with me from Bedford. She's the only one. we lost touch with the others.

We had a nasty storm for a couple of days and so many of the girls and babies were sick. I climbed up to one of the funnels and sat behind the fencing there and watched the storm and the water coming clear up the deck. If I had slipped and fallen in, no one would have ever known what happened to me. Oh, the fearless youth!

I don't know what the other girls thought, but as I never got seasick I had a wonderful time. Those of us travelling west from New York stayed on the ship until the next day and we got to see the desperation of those who were supposed to have been met or picked up. The word was they were going to be shipped back to England on the return voyage. We never got to know if they did or not.

Those of us on the John Ericcson who were in our group at the camp stayed there for many more days than we were supposed to as the ship we were scheduled for was in repairs and we had to wait for another ship.

We were en route for about three weeks. Seemed forever. I have watched for any news of girls who were on the ship. I have seen some John Ericcson listings but not from the month of April, 1946. I'm looking forward to your up-date and will be watching for it..and THANK YOU for the time you have spent on this project.

Sincerely Catherine Kiefer

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