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By Irene Hope-Hedrick 3.6.04

My name is Irene Hope-Hedrick and I am a naturalized American citizen and sailed to the U.S.A. on board the Mauritania during W.W.II.

I am the widow of Raymond R. Hedrick, American citizen who served in W.W II from the time the Americans came to our aid at Burtonwood until the war ended in 1945.

We were married in Warrington in 1943, and took steps with the American Embassy so that it might become possible for me to travel to this country along with my husband when his promised leave occurred. Unfortunately, his leave became all tied up in red tape and my application to emirgate went through with flying colors. I left him in Warrington in January, 1945, and travelled across the Atlantic and on to Montanal during those last few months of the 'War to End all Wars!'

I am now eighty four years old, and in the process of researching my years living in Warrington, very close, on Liverpool Road, to Burtonwood, during the war years, and I would gladly share any of my memoir which, with a little bit of luck should be into editors' hands soon, with readers of Warrington Worldwide.

I enjoy reading of people in Warrington, and am forever looking for names I remember. For me your website has been a treasure, and I feel like I'm Going Home Again.

Irene Hope-Hedrick

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