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GI Brides of World War II

Phyllis met Albert


Phyllis met Albert when he was stationed at Grafton Underwood with the 384th bomber group. He had the looks of a film star and the manners of a gentleman. They fell in love, married and she left Britain on the President Tyler to follow him to California. They returned to England for the birth of their son Richard before heading back to the states and settling in upper New York State. Phyllis was always homesick for her family in England and in 1959 she returned to England again with Richard for a holiday. The English weather took its toll and Phyllis got very sick and couldn’t travel. It took some months of saving but Albert eventually sailed over to England to be with her. She died soon after. She was 40 years old. Albert decided to stay in Britain with his son but we always felt his heart was in the US. He died in 2006 about five miles from where he had first met Phyllis.

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