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What I Brought To The U.S.
Avice Wilson tells about her 1946 trip to the U.S.

Six War Brides Becomes Citizens in Marion, Ohio
Fernanda Somville Weaver, Bessie Dolman Borge, Josette Marcel Davis, Anna Nicolosi, Ruth J. Harrel and Renee Dew

1944- Brides Ship ‘Uninviting’
Joy V. Henry tells her story about her journey from Australia to San Francisco onboard the Lurline.

Well Dressed, Charming and Boy Could They Dance! by Lisa Petty

Olive Geralding (Downes) Jaworski Life Story: The Girl From Down Under by Jean J. Hart

Beryl Holzheimer Latham and daughter Tamara of Australia

Phyllis met Albert
By E. Taylor

How I met my wife in Merry old England
By Bernard G. Owens

Mingle Tears - (An Immigrant’s Farewell)
By Lilah M. Contine

Helene Barkey Tracked Her Soldier Into France
By her daughter, Elizabeth Granger

Emilia Zecchino, Italian War Bride

Irene Hedrick
Going home again!

Interview of Luisa V. Solomito,
Italian War Bride

Gilberte [Farge] Crowell of Paris, France
Remembering D-Day

Simone [McCarty] Mallinson of Marseilles, France

Letters for Request to Marry
Papers and pictures of Betty and Edward Hawks

First Winter by Dawne McLeod Sharpe

Dawne McLeod Sharpe's Journal On the Monterey to the U.S.

Betty Millard Hawks Australian Papers to Request to Marry

Anni Neuman Adams onboard the S.S. Valcania

Hideko Juchnik's life is story of pain, privilege - and hunt for meaning by Bob Sylva

Personal Account of Joan Stubbs
She talks about what was need to get permission to marry and travel to the U.S. - Lots of Details!

When USASOS Moved to Brisbane – or on the Ball

Maria Kruk Greenstein, Polish Refugees

Love, War & an Act of Congress
Interview with Barbara Brisbin, Angela Barnett, Joan Patterson and Sunny Sansing

Diary of a French War Bride, in French

Filomena Kepler
They met in Bari, Italy

Terry Juntoff
When The Women 'Over There' Came Over Here

English Hilda and G.I. Eddie's Story

Ruth Poore Batchen, From Liverpool to Cut Bank
A Story of Montana War Bride

Anne E. Fleming from Bainbridge Island, WA

Ann Hughes
Reflections of a German War Bride

Rita Anderson
War Bride from London

Jeanne Conn
From Brussels, Belgium to Philadelphia, PA

GI BRIDES: Gold Diggers or Overcomers?
A daughter's View point

Jeanita Coulthard Camm
From Maryport England went to Virginia and had a wonderful life

Anna Franklin Coulter
From Kassel, Germany - You bet, I would do it again in a heartbeat!
Luisa Solomito
From Naples, Italy, Interviewed by Michelle MCCleary
Paula Mihalko Remembers - 'Resistance' and working with Canada's Royal Hamilton Light Infantry

Jorgen Nielsen - I Was A Male War Bride

Janine Lytle - French War Brides Thanks GIs For Freeing Paris

Getting Read To Go To The United States
Mother's Diary about Trip to New York

Mireille Rostad - 2004 Reunion in Belgium

Joan Stubb's Story by Bill Longo

...and Life Proceeded A daughter's tells her mother's story.

Marge Vallazze - Scottish War Bride Comes To Texas

Erika Walter Foy - German Woman Displaced Person and her story

Mathilde (Mayer) [Morgan] Morris Author of Dreams and Nightmares of a German War Brides talks about her life.

Joan Shaw - From California tells her story

Katharina Trost - War Brides Recall Their Turning Points

Kazue Katz - Blazed trail for thousands as first Japaness War Bride

Margaret L. - War Bride Was Awed
German War Brides in Union City, New Jersey

Vera Jensen - War Bride Trades Breslau for Bickleton
German Bride talks about her GI Keith.

Barbara Guley Braley - Diary
Day by Day Account on the E. B. Alexander

Annemarie Lauenstein - First German War Bride To Receive Exit Permit
Bob and Annemarie share hospital room in St. Louis.

Pat Weaver - Still time to call it off, said her mother

Horrors On Board the Zebulon B. Vance
Joyce VonStrahl's remarkable story about her experience of survival

Cathernie Kiefer - On the John Erisscon
English War Bride talks about one April day on the John Erisscon

Sylvia Lauderbaugh - From Liverpool, Eng to farm wife in Nebraska
This is a filmed Interview about her thoughts during WWII and dating a GI

A Soldier Falls In Love
All it took was a minute and it lasted a lifetime.

Journal Aboard SS Lurline
Aussie War Bride Kathleen Newell kepts Journal.

Josephine Dodge
My life during and after Hitler.

Ivy Diers
Aussie Brides, Life with her True Blue Love

Bonnie Keck
After Giving Him 34 yrs. He Left

Belgium War Bride Simone Marousek
I wished many times that I had returned to Belgium.

French War Brides Genette Huerta
Parachutte Wedding Dress Goes A Long Way.
Jean travels on the E.B. Alexander
Only One Trunk Was All I Could Take.

Welsh War Bride: Frances Spencer
A Hard But Wonderful Life
Memiors of a War Bride
P.B. Farley of New Jersy talks about early times in the US.
A Love Story With A Twist
English husband entered the US under the War Brides Act.
War Bride recalls Trip to Canada by Joan Reichardt
Denise Corke's Diary of Time Spent at Ellis Island
Glades, an English Bride talks about trading tea for coffee
"Trudy", a German Bride hated her new life in rural Tennessee
Simone L.Kirton of England talks about joining the ATS
Norma Castillo - Filipino Smitten with American Ideal
by Gene Park

On The Web

(These links are on the internet)
Memoir of an Australian War Bride by Jean Null
Joyce Alexander - War bride wore English heritage as badge of honor
"Mary Rose O'Donnell" - Love Under Fire, The War Brides
by Alice Bateman
This is a work in progress and Alice has 10 chapters finish. She would like to hear from other war brides to help with her research.
Alice has a questionnaire section at her site. Please take a little time to answer it.

Mrs. Mary Oliver: WWII Revisited
Interview with Naeko Keen of the Pacific Islands
Interview with Katrina Jackson of Bastian, Italy
The Scottish War Brides of World War 2
Johan Hilles DeWitt of Glasgow Scotland, now living in Canada
Irene Creighton
From London, England to Monmouth Junction, South Carolina,
Molly Wilson,
Australian War Brides comes to the US.
Doreen Shears' Story
Life in Exeter, England during the War.
The War Bride Inverted by Andrew McDermott
"How my grandmother went to Europe and came back with my grandfather."
Filipino-American Warbrides
Banana Leaves For Shoes
Japanese War Brides Stories
Teruko Blair, recalling her painful life in occupied Japan, after her secret marriage to an Australian serviceman.

Aunt Eva's poem about being torn between her new home and her old one.
Barbara Greenspun: Unsung strength
War bride to wife behind the scenes of many battles.
Australians Stories of love and war
Between 1943 and 1950, the largest number of Australians to ever permanently leave this country farewelled all they had known and set off on a voyage half way around the world, to an uncertain future in the United States. They were the "war brides", and Modern History student Robyn Arrowsmith is recording their remarkable stories.
Jean Bustos - Bride learns about this prejudiced country as she is married to a Mexican American from Blairsville, Texas.
Rita (Charlton) Rizzuto and Lily (Rusty) Nakles -
From England and both married to G.I.s
Talks about finding romance.
Margaret Gerhard Jones - World War II war bride
She was born in the city of Frankfurt, Germany
Mrs. Cesira Slawson, Italian War Bride
Interview by Gretchen Morgan.
Mon Amour, Ma Chéri: A Story of Love and War
by Steve Damish
A French women who spoke no English and an American GI who spoke no French.
Aussie War Bride Recalls Duty as Radio Operator
Sunny Sansing interview with Dana Wilkie

In a world war, they found love -- and marriage
by M.L. Lyke
‘War brides’ remain close through years By Kathy Mellott
Love amid war
He grew up poor in Oregon. She grew up in a comfortable life in France by Sheila Hagar
War bride loved sharing experiences
By Rob Schneider
A Wife’s Devotion by Julitra Anaada
Amazing Grace
GI bride, Madge Wing of Wales
Meet War Brides Anne L. Fox, a German Jewish child living in England during the war. Video

Memories of a GI Bride
Peggy Wharton of Carolina Meadows, N.C.

Reiko Matsumoto Hillard,
Japanese war bride quickly won hearts in new home
German war bride Maria Toupin loves to cook.
British War Bride - Irene Herz

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