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June 19, 1945 - Syracuse Herald Journal (NY)

War Brides’ Club Proposed

REMEMBERING HER OWN homesickness in a strange land. Mrs. Amy Fitzgibbons, what bride of 1916, seeks to get in touch with English girls who have come to American as brides in the war.

“I had an idea we could form a club.” Mrs. Fitzgibbons said today. “Then the newcomers would not feel quite so homesick. It is so nice here, such a lovely country to live in, but they are bound to get homesick at times.”

“I’ve heard of one English girl who is homesick. Her husband is overseas and I want to help her, but do not know her name. When I came here years ago, I was homesick and know just how other war brides feel.”

Mrs. Fitzgibbons lives at 2443 James St. with her daughter, Mrs. James Allen. She would like to have English girls in Syracuse write to her. She has two sons in service, Francis, training for the Air Corps in New Mexico and John, Jr., in the Merchant Marine.

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