The American War Bride Experience

GI Brides of World War II

Stars and Stripes Newspaper, Nov 21, 1945

Aussie Brides Never Had It So Good

Scoff at One Who Found the U.S. “Impossible”

New York, Nov 20 (ANS)
Australian war brides today called Americans the friendliest people in the world and scotted at one of their number who returned home because she found the country ‘impossible.”

One war bride said Mrs. W. H. Morits, who arrived in Sydney after 15 months in New York, must have been suffering from “acute adolescent homesickness.” Mrs. Morits told ship reporters to warn Australian girls they should not expect a welcome in the U.S.

“We thought Americans might resent our marrying their men,” Mrs. Thomas O’Mahoney, 24, of Milburn, N.J. said. “Instead they’ve been the friendliest people in the world..” Mrs. O’Mahoney has been in the U.S. for nearly two years.

The American standard of living is much higher than at home, she said. People are more sophisticated and women dress beautifully. She suggested three reasons why Australian women have left the U.S.:

Homesickness – the inability to adjust to new surroundings.

IN-laws of Eurepean birth whose customs differ from both American and Australian ways of life. GI husbands who eversold themselves and falsely lea wives to believe they were walthy sportsmen, not truck drivers, in civilian live.

“But for every unhappy Australian war bride there are 50 who wouldn’t leave for anything,” Mrs. O’Mahoney said. “My husband’s folks have been wonderful to me and today he’s home and almost out of the Marines.”

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