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Jan. 27, 1946 - Syracuse Herald Journal (NY)

Binghamton Prepares to Welcome 50 GI Brides From Overseas

One Known To Be Aboard Ship at Sea
Others Sail Soon To Join Mates
Binghamton – More that 50 GI Brides – some with babies –are preparing to make the long journey from their homes in foreign lands to rejoin their husband in the Triple Cities area, according to the American Civic Association, which is helping veterans who were married overseas to bring their wives to the country.

A spokesman for the association, which is located in the Sun Building, said the group “has no way of knowing how far along the line the women are,” but it is believed that at least one Triple Cities war bride is aboard the Argentina, which left England today.

The spokesman estimated that another 50 veterans in this area who married overseas are still waiting for their brides to arrive.

Meanwhile Paphne Dyer, English bride of Harold Dyer of Union rd. 2, is expected to arrive in New York City aboard the Argentina, which left England today with more than 500 babies aboard. Mrs. Dyer is bringing her 19-months-old son, David. Mrs. Dyer’s husband, a former private first class in the Army Air Forces, was discharged four months ago.

Twelve of the original Argentina’s contingents were told they would have to wait for a later sailing. Nine were suffering from Inor illnesses or had personal reasons for the delay, the other three expected babies soon.

One of those left behind is Mrs. Doris E. Harris, wife of Corp. Lyle Harris of East Windsor.

Once the women arrive in this country, they will be transferred from shipboard directly to special trains with troop train commanders in charge to smooth the way.

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