The American War Bride Experience

GI Brides of World War II

Jan. 28, 1946 - Syracuse Herald Journal (NY)

G.I. Brides Land – in England

20 Are Disillusioned by What They Found in U.S.
London (UP) – Two-way traffic in GI brides has started with the return to Britain of 20 disillusioned wives, the Daily Sketch reported today.

One girl said her former American soldier-husband had told her he owned “a restaurant employing 30 waiters and 15 piece orchestra,” The newspaper said the bride added, “When I got to Brooklyn I found the restaurant was a snack bar. He wanted me to be his chief cook and bottle washer.” The 19 other gave various reasons for their return.

Another batch of 200 brides and children arrived at the Bournemouth reception center last night for indoctrination prior to sailing to the United States. They will be among 1,400 wives and children of American soldiers, who are scheduled to sail next Sunday aboard the Queen Mary from Southampton.

The Daily Telegraph reported that crewmen aboard the S.S. Argentina already en route to the U.S. with GI brides had been warned they must not converse with any of the passengers under penalty of immediate dismissal when the ship docks. A crew officer said crew members had been barred from the probe made deck and public rooms and could make “a formal reply only” if asked a question by a passenger.

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