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GI Brides of World War II

Feb. 4, 1946 Long Beach Independent (Long Beach, California)

Aussie War Bride Wins Divorce Here

Love that bloomed "down under" and withered in California was described in Long Beach superior court by a pretty Australian war bride suing for divorce.

She was Mary E. Brenden who told her story to Judge Harold B. Jeffery and was awarded a decree despite the testimony of mate Charles D. Brenden, merchant seaman.

The attractive young woman worked in MacArthur's headquarters at Sidney when she married Brenden in 1941. She arrived in San Francisco with other Pacific war brides in April 1944.

Brenden contended his wife drank and associated with other men.

Unreasonable jealousy was her contention. Testifying for the wife was a friend, Mrs. Goldie Sprague, who said she gave the girl a home after the husband abandoned her.

Mrs. Brendon got an $800 settlement, plus attorney's fee.

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