City Swell

        Feb 17, 1946

City ‘Swell” from page 23

Vance, but he was concerned about the long journey.

Reassured by the British bride, Bell happily went home to await his wife’s arrival.

Mrs. Usakewicz arrived in Syracuse Thursday night after a trip on the Queen Mary. Her husband, who was at the dock in New York City to meet her, is a second class aviation machinist’s mate. Now home on leave, he is scheduled to report back for duty at the Norfolk, Va., Naval Air Station Feb. 15.

During the war, Mrs. Usakewicz worked in a factory in England. Her pay for a 50 hour week was equivalent to 10 American dollars.

“Every Woman in England was either in serve or in war work. Some joined the Land Army the Wren or the A.T.S. I worked in a factory making parachutes and life belts,” she said.

Now that she is in the United States, Mrs. Usakewicz says she is attempting to become thoroughly “Americanized.”

She did admit it would take time to become accllmated to two “startling” differences between England and the United States – our weather and right-side-of-the-street driving.

So far, the English bride has enjoyed the few hours of sunshine she has seen since arriving in Syracuse, but Friday’s cold; windy weather was to say the least; unappreciated.

Crossing the street in our right-had and busy traffic, also presents a problem, but Mrs. Usakewicz is determined to lick it.

At present the bride is living with her husband’s parents, Mr. and Mrs. John Usakewicz of 401 Richmond ave., but she expects to go to Norfolk to be with her husband as soon as living quarters can be found.

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