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GI Brides of World War II

Mar. 17, 1946 - Syracuse Herald Journal (NY)

Australian Pride Has No Regrets

Maxam Fulton "I certainly am not sorry," laught Mrs. Norman Maxam, who with her two-year-old daughter, Shirley Helena, arrived Wednesday from Brisbane, Australia, to join her husband in Fulton, as she recalled the advice of jealous Brisbane youths, who were at the dock as the ship sailed for America with its cargo of war brides, and sang, "You'll be Sorry."

Mrs. Maxam and daughter were met in Chicago by Maxam, who accompanied them the rest of the way to their new home in Fulton. At present, they are guests of his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Roy Maxam in 110 N. Fourth st., but are readying the old Maxam homestead in R.D. 2 Fulton for their home.

Although not having had time to get acquainted much in Fulton, Mrs. Maxam expressed the belief that she would like the city and its people. "There are more automoblies here and everybody seems so busy." she said.

Maxam met Miss Daphine Douglas in Brisbane while serving with an infantry outfit in the Pacific and they were married on Jan. 2, 1943. Maxam served 42 months overseas as a staff sergeant, but is out ranked by his father-in-law, who is a captain in the Australian Army.

We had a good trip, altough the baby caught a bad cold," Mrs. Maxam explained. She said that she was not homesick as everything was so wonderful in America.

Mrs. Maxam experienced a thrill yesterday when she accompanied her husband on a furniture shopping trip through one of the city's leading stores. Maxamis employed on the cap department of the Oswego Falls Sealright Corporation.

Daphine and Shirley arrived in San Franciso, CA from Brisbane

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