The American War Bride Experience

GI Brides of World War II

Mar. 18, 1946 - Syracuse Herald Journal (NY)

Three More English Brides Due April 1

THREE more English was brides of Syracuse servicemen are arriving at New York City about April 1 on the Ericsson, the Associated Press reports.

They are Mrs. Elleen M. Tolone, 21, of Bristol, dependent of Pvt. Dominic J. Tolone, 152 Linden st.; Mrs. Iris L. Murray, 19 and her daughter, Roberta, 18 months, of Walsall, dependents of Pvt. Robert D. Murray, 1002 Montgomery st., and Mrs. Edna Pitoniak and her son, Russell W., 13 weeks, of Morecambe, dependents of Pfc. Andrew E. Pitoniak, 241 Winthrop rd.

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