The American War Bride Experience

GI Brides of World War II

March 21, 1946 - Stars and Stripes Newspaper

British Bride of Yank Disappears

LONDON, March 20 (UP) – Scotland Yard, the U.S. Embassy and Leeds police are trying to solve the mystery of a GI bride, who disappeared when about to leave for the U.S.

Doreen Brown, 23, wife of former S-Sgt. Nicholas Carosella, 33, of New York, met her husband when serving with the 8th Air Force and was married at East Dereham, Norfold, in 1944.

Carosella’s squadron returned in the U.S. for demobilization last June after he had arranged that his wife should join him as soon as possible.

He wrote her that he had made a reservation for her on the ship sailing last October 9th, adding he was sending her $425 which she was to collect from an American bank in London.

Mrs. Carosella left Leeds for London to collect the money and has not been heard of since. Leeds police have no evidence of her having left town; while Scotland Yard was unable to ascertain wheather she had ever reached London.

As a result of the failure of the ploice to find his wife, Caroselia has written her brother that he shortly intends to travel to London from the U.S. to attempt to clear up the mystery of her disappearance.

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