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Mar. 24, 1946 - Syracuse Herald Journal (NY)

Fulton Man Brings Home British Bride

Welcome home Sylvia, his English bride. The Saturnia docked in New York Sunday, bringing with her 700 British war brides. Mrs. Joseph Frawley was one of them and her husband was there to meet his wife as she came off the boat.

Mrs. Frawley said that the trip was a good one. She made many friends, call brides like herself, coming to a country with which they were unfamiliar. She said she was fortunate to come so soon, because she has been married only seven months and preference was given to those who had children.

All she was looking for as the boat docked was her husband. It had been five months since he was discharged from the Army on Oct. 11, 1945.

The couple spent two days in New York City and then Wednesday they boarded the Empire State Express of Syracuse, Mr. and Mrs. Synon B. Frawley, father and mother of Joseph, met the couple and brought them by car to Fulton.

“It seems, already, as if I had always lived here,” said the bride, “I am ready and contented.” She marveled at the abundance of food and clothing in this country.

“In England,” she said, “we still have food greatly rationed; milk, fruit and meat are scarce. We were allowed one and a half pints of milk a day for four people.”

She also said that coupons are used in the purchase of clothing.

The thing that impressed Mrs. Frawley about the Fulton country-side, is its brown winter hue. “In England,” she said, “it is always green, except for the trees, in winter.”

The couple was married in Calvedon, England, Aug. 6, 1945, in St. Mary Immaculate Church.

Mr. Frawley is employed at the Sealright Corporation. He was in service three and a half years as assistant crew chief on Marauder bombers. He is a graduate of Fulton High School.

Sylvia M. Frawley arrived on board the S.S. Saturnia on 17 March 1946

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