The American War Bride Experience

GI Brides of World War II

March 30, 1946 - Stars and Stripes Newspaper

One GI Brides Syps Second; Court Holds Her – 6 months

LONDON, March 29 (INS) – A GI bride tried to swindle another GI bride with the result that the firs t bride won’t be sailing for at least six months because she is going to spend that long in prison. Mrs. Minna Fanni Addams, 27-year-ole German-born wife of an American soldier who is not back home, nearly made it, but was arrested on the day she was due to sail.

While in London arranging her passage, she met another American soldier’s bride, Mrs. Joyce Evelyn Sulyma. Mrs. Addams confided to Mrs. Sulyma that she was friendly with a man in a shipping office and that by bribing him with 10 pounds (40 dollars) could get a priority passage for Mrs. Sulyma. Mrs. Sulyman eagerly handed over 10 pounds and another 90 to chage into 360 American dollars. But no more was seen of Mrs. Addams until her arrest.

Magistrate Dunne at Bow Street court described her act as a “wicked, cruel fraud” and gave her six months.

Mrs. Addams’ last minutes plea – if I can get to America I can repay the money – fell on unresponsive ears.

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