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April 8, 1946 - Syracuse Herald Journal (NY)

British War Bride Joins Her Husband

FULTON – Mrs. Mary Gertrude Bracy, wife of Robert J. Bracey at 211 W. River rd., N, is reunited with her husband. She arrived from England March 26 aboard the S.S. Washington with more than 1,000 companions.

Her husband met her in New York and they spent several days there. The couple was married July 21, 1945, in Chippenhan, Wiltshire, in St. Mary’s Catholic Church by the Rev. Ryan.

During the war Mrs. Bracy was employed in London and worked in the Civil Service department. She said that New York reminded her a little of London, although the buildings here are much larger.

Mr. Bracy was discharged as a corporal after 20 months overseas in the Fourth Armored Division. He said he saw Gen. Patton several times. Altogether, Robert Bracy served four years and five months in the Army.

Mrs. Bracy was formerly Mary Gertrude Rowan, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John Rowan of Chippenhan, England.

After V-E Day, Mr. Bracy, then stationed Munich, Germany, returned for his bride.

At the present, the couple are visiting Mr. Bracy’s parents, Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Bracy of 211 W. River rd., N.

Listed on the SS Washington manifest was Gertrude M. Bracy arriving on March 26, 1946. The SS Washington left Southampton, England on March 19, 1946

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