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GI Brides of World War II

4/14/1946 Stars and Stripes

Former Wife of Swindler Arrives in U.S. as GI Brides

NEW YORK, April 15 (INS) – Life has been a series of extravagant ups and downs for one GI war brides who arrived in New York for France today.

She is Mrs. Arlette Stavisky Cook (42), widow of Alexandre Stavisky, the central figure in France’s famous pawnshop swindle and many other big “business transactions.” She was one of 402 war brides aboard the Army Transport George W. Goethals. Mrs. Cook is on her way to Puerto Rico to join her husband Capt. Russell T. Cook. She wants to become an American citizen and a New York dress designer.

Mrs. Cook’s first series of ups began when she left a farm to become a top Parisian model. Then she married Stavisky with a hoard of jewels and a $12, 000 annual dress allowance. Then the Stavisky scandal broke and she was thrown into prison reviles by the public and finally acquitted.

She came to New York, was billed as a $500 per week star in a night club but actually got $50 a week. Her down days continues when she returned to Paris. She lived in a dingy flat and worked as a dressmaker to support her two children. She met Cook during the war. With her today was her daughter Michele, 16, while her son Claude 18, remained in France.

Mrs. Arlette Cook and her daughter Micheline Stavisky arrived on April 14, 1946

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